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Hello my love, for more info on this post; click the link in my…

Hello my love, for more info on this post; click the link in my insta bio or go to . Are you ready, honey? Ready to take the time you need to hear, honour and embody your truth like never before? This is what 2021 is asking of you. No more pushing when it feels wrong, no more people pleasing so you’re out of alignment. And, instead, you living only from the finger print of your soul. . This morning I took a journey with my higher knowing; my inner love; my central fire.  . She gave me two guide points: 1) To embrace my greatness and 2) to cradle my trust. These two pointers speak to what I’m bringing to the world right now – i.e. -support and permission for women to let their true natures take flight. So here’s me welcoming you with ALL that you are.  All your light and shadow; strength and fear. Whatever your truth is – BRING IT. I love you exactly as you are and the world needs you flowing with magical authenticity. You’re not black or white, you’re not happy or sad – clear or confused – confident or vulnerable. You’re all of these things; ebbing and changing one moment to the next. And it’s time for you to bring all of it to the stage. To welcome your edges and your softness; to allow both the part of you that knows and the part that feels lost; the part that trusts your OWN inner truth beyond all else and the part that doubts yourself.  . You are reading this because you’re called to hear, honour and embody your truth at this time – in a radical way. This is what your soul and the world need from you. They need you to take all the time necessary to know your centre – so clearly – that you’ll find your way back there no matter how much chaos is alive in the world. If this is ringing your bells – you are invited into ‘Your Body, Your Truth, No Apology!’ . This is an exquisite embodiment program for women which you can learn more about and register for via the link in my  insta bio – or go to . #embodiment  #embodimentretreat  #embodimentjourney #somatic #joy #healing #onlinecourse #freedom #yourtruth #embodyourtruth #ifttt

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