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The four month embodiment program for women



Channel the guidance of the Universe

Align with joy

Live the life of your dreams

At this time on Earth we're supported, like never before, to evolve our lives.

What is it, for you, Dear Woman?  
That thing that you desire? 

Do you want a new way to work, socialise, or connect to your body?

A new home, new lifestyle or... something else? 

Maybe you wish for



Self love,



Whatever your answer, the time is now and the possibilities are boundless. 


But perhaps you've told yourself it's impossible, 

"Who am I to follow joy?!

Better to stay stuck than leap and get lost."

You've been desiring new things, zesting for change and

At times,


feeling afraid. 

Maybe there's frustration, lostness or excitement inside.

Have faith. 

When your body says 'no' to one thing in your life, she says a bright shining 'yes!'s to something else. 

Perhaps you can't articulate what you're yearning for, yet.


But your body knows.

Let her lead.

I'll show you how.


Imagine how it would feel to be so connected to the woman you are that every action and breath you take roots you deeper into the life that delights your soul.

The invitation, here, is for you to evolve your existence in an easeful, joy-filled way.​



For the past ten years I've been following my own body's call and have discovered a way of being that aligns me, utterly, with love

It's a way that's crafted from soul and flows with life force;

And I’m ready to share it with you.

Are you in?

If your answer is YES


You are invited into: 

Easeful Life Evolutn



A 4-month embodiment program

in which you will:

Gather with visionary women in nine, live sessions over four months (replays available)

-Receive personalised coaching from me

-Stay connected and supported in our private community group

Align with your body in a groundbreaking way

-A way of being which leads you, organically, away from what feels wrong and creates the life of your dreams

Evolve your life

-Get clear on who you are and what you want

-Receive guidance from the Universe through your felt sense 

-Discover what makes your heart sing  and let it guide you to joy

Discover what the most wonderful thing you can do to evolve your life is - and do it! 

~Whether practical or esoteric, gentle or strong; over our 16 weeks together, you’ll  make one, wonderful shift in four, clear steps.

Stay grounded & calm in changing times

-Receive a portfolio of tools to regulate your nervous system as you walk this path

-Gain loving strategy so that, even when fear rears its head, you’ll stay rooted in faith and firmly on track with your soul 

Be guided by the Energy of All That Is via transmissions from the sacred sites; 

-Avebury Henge and Stone Circles

-The Pyramid of Giza

-Waun Mawn; the original standing place of Stonehenge, and more...

Find your body's balance between sticking to the plan and honouring spontaneity

~Ever wondered how to get things done while following what feels good? It’s time to find out!


~Let your body's guidance lead you home to physical and emotional health.




Channlled by Your Body

And the day came

When the risk it took to remain

Tightly closed in the bud

Was more painful

Than the risk it took to bloom

This is the Element Of Freedom

Anaïs Nin & Alicia Keys 

Signs you’re ready to birth the life of your Soul Song 

can include: 

~There's something you're burning to experience or create 

~Elements of your life no longer fit who you are

~You're ready for a SHIFT and want guidance to take the leap 

~You're excited and inspired to experience more aliveness! 

~The places you go and things you do no longer light you up 

~ You feel lost or confused; frustrated or uninspired

~Doing your daily tasks feels like rolling a rock uphill

~There's fatigue in your body

~You've a bold VISION for your life and are anxious about actioning it 

~You crave better health 

~The past two years have brought significant shifts to your identity

~You're yearning for something new but aren't clear what that is

~You intuit that the physical or emotional dis-ease you have is your body expressing her NO to something in your life... and you're ready to hear her YES!

Guided by the Universe 

Throughout this program, you'll receive guidance to create the life you're ravenous for via: 

Knowings in your body

Messages from guides


Transmissions from the Earth's sacred sites

When we seek guidance, we seek it from the clear, strong voice of love, and this is present at the sacred sites by the ocean load. 

Whether through standing stones, temples or the Earth herself, the wisdom we need flows, potently, on the power points of our planet because they are conduits for nature's knowing.  

This is why, during each session of this program, you'll receive a transmission from one of the sacred sites. I will guide you to make contact with breathtaking neolithic monuments, ancient forests, goddess temples & unending oceans.

All of which I've visited; all of which will support you to live in stunning alignment with your soul.


Support from me - Ellie Paskell

During the program you will receive personalised support from me - Ellie Paskell - Somatic Soul Coach, Mindfulness Based Pain Management Teacher, award winning Creative & Embodied Revolutionary. 

The past fifteen years have seen me follow my body to joy and freedom through healing post traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue and a journeying with kundalini awakening.  I've taken years away from modern society to listen to and learn from with my body and now I support others to tread their own unique path,

as guided by their felt sense. 

My offerings bring a unique blend of the practical and flowing; of being and doing; of inner and outer work. With me, you'll hear your body's knowing about when to take action, when to rest and how to stop, breathe and surrender to joy!  

A passionate entrepreneur, I've supported thousands with my global online retreats, one to one and group programs and can't wait to journey with you as you hear your body's truth and let her guide you to joy.


As Channeled by Your Body


Soul Aligned Steps to Your Life of Aliveness

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Actual Curriculum

Session 1:
Faith Foundations

All wonderful things require strong foundations and so, in this session, you'll receive a structure of support to hold you as you create the life of your dreams. 

~Be witnessed in somatic ceremony as you choose to live the song of your soul

~Receive a potent Transmission of Trust; root into faith; open to infinite possibility 

~Receive your Somatic Mantra; your reminder to follow what brings your body to life! 

~Experience your Body 'Yes!' and commit to honouring this for joy and delight

~Be guided in a journey to Avebury neolithic Henge and Stone Circles;

become open to channel the guidance of the divine 

~Meet your Soma Guide; the support of the universe made manifest

~Craft Soul Play to let your body and the universe be your guides (let the miracles commence!) 

Curriculum Love
Image by frank mckenna

Session 2:
Clear in the Midst of Fear

As your wings spread your fears will arise so this session ensures that, no matter what, you're free to fly with the knowings of your soul. Love is the truth, your body is amazing and she'll guide you to joy. Let's let her! 

~Learn to recognise when you're in the Trance of Fear and strengthen your capacity to follow your heart, even when anxieties arise

~Discover the key to staying calm in the midst of change; be emboldened to prioritise your wellbeing

~Be guided in a playful embodiment journey to strengthen your connection to your Body 'Yes!'

~Receive transmission from Stanton Drew Stone Circles and Cove; experience healing, worthiness, majesty and strength

~Receive a portfolio of tools to regulate your nervous system

~Plan to take a body-guided, journey of joy, over the coming two weeks! 

~Take daily space for regulation, calm and self love

sea woman.png

Session 3:
Life Rebirth, Step 1

 Today your body receives free reign! And she'll tell you, in no uncertain terms, what she's saying YES to, to begin birthing the life, bespoke to your spine.

~Receive freedom from outdated beliefs about who you are and meet yourself anew

~Discover, from the inside out, who you truly are today (be guided in a multi sensory journey to discover your yearnings and visceral values!)

~Clarify your needs; the places, relationships or energies you're ravenous for, right now.

~Experience confirmation or wild surprise at what your body wants!

~Receive transmission from Planet Earth, our original sacred site, and the animals that reside on her

~Be supported to make a 'real world' visit to a sacred site! Whether that’s woodland, ocean, temple or tree; between sessions, you'll go there and receive guidance on creating the life of your soul song

~Follow your body’s yes, daily, for evolution and joy


Session 4: 
Life Rebirth, Step 2

You've reached an exciting point on this path; the inspiration has flowed, your body has spoken and your sacred somatic instructions are ready to arrive. Let's call them in! 

~Be guided into our Global Network of Sacred Sites; enter an arena where everything is possible

~Connect to your heart's electromagnetic field

~Connect to your womb space and creational strength

~Receive your sacred somatic instructions

~Discover what the most wonderful thing you can do to evolve your life is, at this time! Channel the shift that's all about joy, aliveness and aligning with soul.

~Receive transmission from your Soma Guide; the first powerful, manageable step you'll take on this path of creation. 

~Take your embodied action step between sessions, and to connect, daily, to your soma guide for inspiration and support 

Session 5
Surrender to Joy


You’re on your way, Dear Woman; knowing your vision and bringing it to life.


Session 5 brings a vital piece of the puzzle... your body’s answer to humanity’s question: "How do I marry my body's impulses with pre made plans?"

"How do I journey towards a determined vision when my soma sometimes says 'no'?" Let’s find out...

~Discover how to flow with your body's ever-changing needs

~Welcome easeful action and effortless productivity

~Receive the three-step strategy to live in this wonderful way

~Honour your body's 'no' as the sacred guidance it is and discover how to let it shape shift from a boulder to a gateway

~Be guided in a visceral journey to Pentre Ifan; magical, megalithic sacred site and gain guidance from the divine

~Receive the second action (or inaction) step you'll take on the path of your soul

~Be supported, between sessions, to take the action that feels beautiful to your body

~Practice surrendering to joy for miracles and delight.


Session 6 is a pit stop for your soul. How are you feeling? What do you need? How can you envelop yourself in even more love

The most important thing is that you're welcoming joy. Nothing else matters and doing so is how the life of your dreams is birthed, effortlessly, into the world. 


~Receive transmission from the Snowdonia ocean; the sacred site where time stops, humanity breathes and your senses soar

~Be witnessed and honoured for who you are

~Take a healing journey to receive the wisdom of your feet and legs, crown and head

~Discover how to experience balance in how you're giving and receiving; have you given too much, or not enough? Is rejuvenation required? 

~Be supported to move forward with the evolution of your life in exactly the way your body needs; open to playfulness and rest 

~Between sessions you will allow guidance, inspiration and manifestation to come to you (watch as miracles arise) 

Session 6:
Ocean of Love

whit estonehenge-3905419_1920.jpeg

Session 7:
Trusting the Plan

Many of us experience challenge when it comes to sticking to plans; whether we consider ourselves 'undisciplined', are paralysed by saboteurs or exhausted from over-doing, there's magic to be found when we open to our response to this area of life. Most journeys require a plan but how will you honour yours while following what feels good? Let's find out. 

~Receive transmission about the power of honouring a passionately made plan; learn how to know when sticking to schedule is the loving thing to do (and when it's not)

~Receive the 'Embodied Yes Test' so you can journey with structure in the way that serves your soul

~Experience the wisdom of your body's 'hard and soft' edges

~Experience a powerful somatic journey; be guided to the Glastonbury Goddess Temple​ and allow your wild, flowing feminine to have her say!

~Receive healing in your relationship to work and activity; pain and fatigue; joy and pleasure; ease and flow 

~Receive the third embodied action (or inaction) step you'll take in the creation of the life of your dreams

~Between sessions you will take your embodied action step in a fiercely loving way

Image by Thais Cordeiro

Session 8:
Powerful Infinite You

You've been on quite the journey! Shifts have occurred, beyond your wildest dreams and your body’s lead you each step of the way. It's time, now, to ensure that your final strides are birthing your soul song by aligning you with the infinite. 

~Be held by me and somatic sisterhood; receive healing and support

~Be guided in a powerful journey to gain clarity on your next steps

~View your Map of Magic; how far you've come, where you're at and what you need

~Journey to the Great Pyramid of Giza and receive transmission about your infinite energy and capacity to create. Learn about the sacred geometry, present at this site and the fact that your body and brain contain hematite and magnetite just like the pyramids do! Discover what this means for your life. 

~Receive your fourth embodied action (or inaction) step, on the path of your soul

~Follow your sacred instructions, in between sessions in a deeply self-reverent way 


Image by Simon Berger

Session 9:
Toast with Your Soul! 

Over the past 4 months, you've discovered how the life of your soul song feels, what it includes and how to bring it to LIFE.  The universe is celebrating your wonderful journey - let's join in! 

~Receive your Blueprint of Joy; your personalised guide to living your body's bliss for the next 30 days and beyond 

~Gather the tools you've received and make a plan to keep using them

~Receive your Embodied Life Vision; discover how this wonderful way of being will serve you for decades  (and lifetimes) to come


~Be guided journey to the Fortress of Light; the sacred land where the sky meets the sun, the ocean and Earth

~Witness the dance of your Soul; her utter delight at the transformation you've made

~Receive celebratory transmission from your womb, heart, belly and bones

~Feel into that which has injected the most vitality and magic into your life, these four months! 

~Shower yourself and your sisters with love​



In addition to the nine live sessions*, you will receive

~Access to the private course portal

~Replays of all sessions

~Downloadable,  guided practices to support you between sessions

~Access to the private community group

*We'll gather live, in Zoom video meetings 

Every Session There will be:

~Opportunity to receive personalised coaching from me

~Soul Action for you to take between sessions; bringing wonderful evolution into your everyday life


You Will Also Receive
Image by Jernej Graj

Praise for Ellie's Courses 

“Such a wonderful course of wisdom of embodiment!…

The program has enabled me to reset boundaries and live more in love with my body... I have become more relaxed and able to receive important messages from my body, which I didn’t even know existed when my habit was to keep myself so busy and distracted from feeling feelings…  I’m finding my life has eased and I’m happier and healthier than I have been for a long time, so thank you from my happy, loving heart and soma!”

Sally M 

“Ellie is a gifted guide on this journey. She is warm, present and committed to each participant.

I am more in touch with my body, my truth and my feelings after taking this course, No Apologies! I'm more embodied as I move forward, unapologetically powerful in my relationship to myself and others.”


Lita V

Image by A. L.

"I am grateful for Ellie and her embodied presence.; a thoughtful and connected guide she created the space and time to help me reestablish connection to my body.   

Her acceptance helped me to relax and remove the judgement I have around my pain and tremor and, through our weeks together, I have gained many tools to support delicious and supportive action for my body and my truth."

Mary Canton

“I valued the gentle feminine  guidance for me to be more grounded in my body and to listen to her messages, her truth, her yes and her no to different situations.  This I found quite profound, and something I needed to sense into.   Also  the question what is living in me now, to listen and wait for that to be revealed.

I also enjoyed working in a group with other ladies, even though I couldn’t participate in the group during the sessions, due to my time zone.  I felt like I got to know those ladies who were able to attend the online sessions, through watching the replays.  They felt like dear friends in the end.

Doing Ellie’s course has given me tools to help me love and care for myself, and then I am more able to support and assist others."

Sandra from Australia

“Ellie helped me to connect with the inner realm & powerful wisdom of my body.  Her own mastery of communicating with the "Soma Goddess" allowed me to enter, always, deeper within but, also, to form a sacred circle with other participants/sisters for holding & supporting each other on the journey.

Each live session helped me to realign with my energies & allowed transformation from heaviness to ease."

Silvia U

Dates and Times

This is a three month path.

We meet every two weeks for seven live sessions.

Wednesdays 4:30pm UK / 11:30am NYC / 8:30am LA


Session 1: 13th January 2021 - 60 minutes

Session 2: 27th January 2021 - 90-120 minutes

Session 3: 10th February 2021 - 90-120 minutes

Session 4: 24th February 2021 - 90-120 minutes 

Session 5: 10th March 2021 - 90- 120 minutes 

Session 6: 24th March 2021 - 90- 120 minutes 

Session 7: 7th April 2021 - 90- 120 minutes 



silhouette in hat .png
silhouette in hat .png

Regular Price: 


Price, at this time:


This Reduced Price Is Available Until

11:59 PM LA Time On Saturday 4th February 

GBP £355   


Full Group Program,

Private Online Course Portal

& Community Group


And if you would like an even more supportive, emboldening experience, you can choose the Level 2 option, below:


Level 1 

GBP £355:  

Full Group Program,

Private Online Course Portal

& Community Group

Level 2 

GBP £499:  

All of the above

PLUS a 60 min 1:1 Embodied Fire Session

(see below* for details about this session!)

Select Your Program Option Here:

Level 1

Level 2

Payment Plans Options

Level 1 Payment Plan:  4 monthly payments of £99
Level 2 Payment Plan:  4 monthly payments of £144 

Payment Plan

Level 1:


Payment Plan Level 2:


magic 3

*Your Level 2, one to one, 60 minute
Embodied Fire Session

When you purchase the Level 2 Program, You will receive the full group program plus my one to one support to:


~Tune into your body's wilderness; her volume, her quiet, her unique guiding voice

~Say what you've not had the courage to say, before, about

who you are, what you want and what you're here to do. 

~ Access your knowing that this (and even more) is possible in your life! 

~Gain crystal clarity on your next, embodied action step to bring this into being. 

Dates & Times


This is a four month path.
We meet every two weeks for nine live sessions.


To Join the Wait List for this Course, simply fill in the form, below.

Thanks for submitting!

The Body-Yes Bonus!

sea woman shadow x.png
sea woman shadow x.png

The first 3 people who register by 11:59 pm LA time on January 25th, will receive a BONUS 45-minute 1:1 

Soul- Singing Joy Session

with me!

Dissolve the #1 block that stops you from prioritising your body's joy!!


Whether you feel obliged to others, wedded to hard work or disconnected from your body;

in this revelatory session you will:

~Discover the #1 block that's keeping you from joy

~Find freedom from its binds!

~Open to radically delighted living for vitality and flow

~Receive your embodied action (or inaction) steps to open the floodgates and welcome happiness into your life over the coming month and beyond!


Body Yes Bonus Love x

I can't wait to hold space for your journey!

Ellie Paskell-smile hmm.jpg

***To Your Embodied Revolution***

Ellie Paskell 

Somatic Soul Coach, Creative, Embodied Revolutionary. 

Copyright © 2023. Ellie Paskell.

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