Self Love Sundays

Deepen your self love. 

Revolutionise your life.

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Self love Sundays is a monthly, online gathering.

Let go, centre in, open yourself to You.


During these monthly sessions, I share life changing tools to revolutionise your life.

In our time together, you'll cultivate self love in many ways including:

-Reconnecting to your body

-Slowing down 

-Hearing and responding to your needs

-Honouring your intuition


Sessions include:

-Guided Meditations

-Tools to use in your daily life

-Opportunities to share your experience and gain one on one coaching with me

-Guest coaches and speakers


Why Self Love?

I see you flying, sweet one

Flying and dancing with the knowing of your own worth.

This feeling of worthiness - this is self love; where it comes from, what it’s made of, what you’re here for.

Self love is the beat of YOUR drum; that which brings health, joy, nourishment and every other thing you’re wanting.

And you've been criticising yourself, my love. You have gone back and forth between this body image and that; this relationship and that; jobs; exams and striving for things your mind says you 'must achieve'.

And you have noticed, underlying it all, the harsh tone with which you address yourself.




An inner whispering that knows no criticism is necessary.

It is time to step into a pocket of kindness;


To join your internal magic with its knowing that




You yearn to live from this place; knowing you deserve reverence, gentleness, soothing and celebrating.

Perhaps you’ve forgotten to do this for some time now - perhaps you need supporting in remembering how.


Come - we’ll work through this together.

What happens in Self Love Sundays?



Simply put - we come together to learn to love ourselves more.




It’s a sign of the madness we’ve entered into as a society - that I need to answer this question at all. But here it is:


The degree to which you love yourself defines how you experience








In your life.


Every moment. Every person. Every conversation. Every job, dream, exam, meal, dance, shop, place, dog, cat, aardvark... everything.




Each month, we’ll come together to luxuriate in self kindness and work with whatever comes up as we do so.


It may be that words ‘self love’ make you throw up a bit in your mouth (heh). Or is may be that you love the phrase.


All is welcome.

"I have attended Self Love Sundays and cannot find words to express my love and joy, having learned so much about myself... I highly recommend Ellie, she is amazing with her words, suggestions and advice."

Teri D

Self Love Sundays Disclaimer

Hello Sweet One,  here are some further words on Self Love Sundays and what to expect.


I am holding this space with the intention for you to evolve your relationship with yourself. It is my desire that, through these online monthly group sessions, you will gain experiences and tools with which to cultivate self love. I would also love it if the ‘fruits’ of these sessions ripple out into the rest of your life - enriching all corners of your world. In my experience - when a person endeavours to be kinder to themselves - all sorts of incredible things happen.


Having said this - these are, of course, potential benefits. Results will vary; therefore I (Ellie Paskell) make no guarantees. My testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s experience depends on many factors, including but not limited to, his or her background, dedication, starting point, desire and motivation.


Thank you for reading. I wish you a beautiful day.