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What I do

Having transitioned from a fast paced career to my vocation as a wellness coach, I've a vibrant passion for supporting others to

-Live healthier lives with less stress

-Improve their mental health

-Boost creativity and easeful productivity through mindful practice

-Restore work-life balance

With over ten years experience as a mindfulness practitioner I bring extensive skills, deep compassion and visionary ideas to your workplace.

I deliver wellbeing classes and courses to businesses and organisations across the UK. 


Whether you’re looking for regular wellbeing activities or a one-off session, I create tailor made sessions and bring them to you.

What I Do (workplace)

Stress in the Workplace

The World Health Organisation has declared stress to be the health epidemic of the 21st century

 and the UK government have reported that mental health problems in the workplace are worse than in any other part of wider society. Psychological stress is a precursor to many of our most common physical ailments. In 2017, half a million people in the UK reported that work-related stress was making them ill, according to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive. This amounts to nearly 57% of all sick days, and the number is rising.

With stress now the most common cause for long-term absence, and with 1 out of every 5 employees reporting feeling ‘very’, or ‘extremely stressed’ at work, it is crucial for every organisation to apply wellbeing strategies and address workplace stress, to protect their employees, their organisations and their bottom line.



Stress in the Workplace

Mindfulness - a Powerful Solution

Mindfulness has been shown to be more powerful than the strongest pain medication and the benefits of practicing it are huge.

What Can Mindfulness Do for My Employees and Workplace?

Mindfulness helps us to be as present and 'on it' as possible at work. Meaning that we're not only there 'in body', but have sharp access to our skills, ideas, enthusiasm, insights and creativity.


Where there's stress or challenge, mindfulness provides tools for resilience and self care; where there's health, mindfulness allows us to take things to the next level. Relaxation, flow and wellbeing are the birth places of confidence, innovation and power and mindfulness is a doorway to all these things.

No matter what industry you're part of; when you show up centred, emotionally-intelligent and self aware, you're capacity to do your job well is multiplied. Mindfulness supports you to be all of these things.  

Your staff and organisation could benefit from:

Increased capacity for:

-Clear, visionary thinking

-Positive communication

-Joy and creativity

-Teamwork and cooperation

-Making bold, powerful choices

-Healthful work-life balance



-Resilience; ability bounce back from challenges

-Emotional intelligence

-Mental health



-Stress related absence



Bring Mindfulness into Your Organisation

Mindfulness -a SOlution

How I Bring Mindfulness to Your Organisation

Mindfulness training can be provided at a level to suit your needs, from introductory sessions to comprehensive skills training.


Training can be delivered in groups or 1:1, and my consultative approach allows events to be tailored to your organisation's specific goals and needs.

Sessions Can Include:

-Mindfulness for Stress Management

-Mindfulness for Self Care at Work

-Releasing the Power of Your 'Perfectionist'

-Re-wire Your Negative Thinking

-'Rest & Digest', Bringing Balance to the Nervous System

-Accessing Your True Confidence

-Mindfulness & Compassion for Peace

-Finding work-life balance

Bringing Mindfulness to Your Organisation

Who's Using Mindfulness

Wellbeing practices - particularly mindfulness - are spreading like wildfire across the globe

From business leaders to elite sports practitioners, mindfulness is being used by all kinds of people needing to function at the top of their game.

It isn’t just health conscious companies like Astra Zeneca and Bupa that offer their employees mindfulness training. Forward thinking organisations like Google and Apple swear by it as an employee wellbeing strategy.  Event traditional business giant like Proctor & Gamble and Goldman Sachs have been early adopters, reporting measurable results in productivity and wellbeing.

Similarly, the military, NHS, police force, universities and countless other establishments are including mindfulness as a staple element on their day to day structuring. 

Who's Using Mindfulness?

What Mindfulness Is

When we're being mindful we are:
Bringing awareness to what is happening - in and outside of ourselves - in the present moment. ​​​​


These ancient techniques are often simple, always powerful and deeply evolutionary. 

Once learned, they can be practiced anywhere, anytime - whenever needed. 

When challenges arise, whether in the form of stress, illness, pain or strong emotions, mindfulness can bring perspective and calm.


The only prerequisite for learning them is a willingness to do so.​ 

​How do I do it?

We can practice while going about our daily activities or in a structured window of time. These more structure periods of mindfulness are called meditation and are usually done in a static, comfortable position.

My Journey with Mindfulness

I first discovered meditation while attending an acting class which included it in the training. Immediately, clarity and self-awareness began to filter into my world and mindfulness became a daily practice.


Back then, my life felt both exciting and insecure, and I was at the end of my tether with stress. When would things become easy? When would I stop trying to prove myself and appreciate what I had? Something inside knew the answer wasn’t in ‘working harder’ on external things so I continued to meditate and watched life transform from the inside out.


In 2013, enthralled by how much the techniques were helping, I went to Thailand to practice mindfulness intensively and, fourteen months later I returned to England to set up my teaching practice. Today I feel honoured to be passing on these powerful tools.

My journey has made me highly skilled in using mindfulness to manage stress and emotional challenges. Committed, as ever, to my ongoing professional development, I've also trained with Breathworks - one of the U.K.’s leading mindfulness organisations - as a Mindfulness Based Pain Management teacher.

What Mindfulness Is
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