Somatic Life Coaching with Ellie

Somatic Life Coaching supports you to experience embodied transformation.

Whatever you're looking to weave into your world, Somatic Life Coaching offers tools to bring it into being.  It's a leading edge, inside-out process that’s guided by your body, nervous system and soul.


Coaching with me supports you to nourish the elements of your world that are most precious to you; 





or whatever else is on the tip of your tongue. 

Perhaps you’re yearning for an inspiring career or authentic relationships. Maybe you’ve a health condition that it’s time to heal or a tapping in your gut that you're ready to respond to. 

With me, you'll follow your soul's calling by stepping out of the constraints of your mind and opening to your soma. 


Let's Connect: 

"I've discovered a deep respect for what my body needs through my sessions with Ellie; letting go of societies expectations and hearing my own needs."


Results of  Somatic Life Coaching

Can Include:

-Getting in touch with who you truly are

-Manifesting work that aligns with your soul

-Living with fierce integrity

-Stepping into your power

-Physical and emotional healing

-Releasing people pleasing 

-Opening to softening and rest

-Channeling the power of your innate intelligence

-Self forgiveness

-Increased vitality

-Seeing physical 'illness' from a whole new perspective

- Discovering your passion and purpose

-Gaining a healthy relationship to boundaries 

​- Experiencing your body as an ally rather than as an adversary

-Cultivating a somatic mediation practice

-Increased experience of pleasure!

- Birthing of parts of you that are longing to be expressed

- Increased emotional intelligence

-Enhanced somatic awareness and access to your intuition

-Stopping second guessing yourself 

- Celebrating life in its many facets

- Honouring the gift of deep feeling


"Each session took me to a different part of myself - from the wise, clear vantage point of love.  Each session was a chance to gather in a lost or misunderstood part of me and bring it home."


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Somatic Life Coaching with Ellie

Craft Your Life from the Innate Power Within

Coaching with me will evolve your life in radical, body-lead ways.

Coaching Programs include:

  • Private life coaching sessions of 60 minutes 

  • Email support from me between sessions

  • Creation of Somatic Soul Action so that you leave sessions with inspired, aligned action steps

  • Support from a coach who honours your wisdom

There are different time-frame options, to suit your needs. 

During a program with me, you will be guided to:

  • Contact your deep, undeniable truths

  • Act on these truths in a way that brings vitality! 

  • Deeply connect to your body

  • Grow your emotional intelligence

  • Nourish your wellness

  • Step into your magnificence

Somatic Life Coaching supports you to step, radically, into who you are.
During sessions you'll return to your inner flow and discover where it leads; bringing you,  automatically, onto the path of healing, freedom and joy.

"I am a great analyser, I try and figure things out in my mind or see things from a spiritual perspective, but Ellie kept guiding me back to my soma, where the real wisdom was to be found. The things I had been bypassing were brought to my attention in a state of acceptance and love. She also set me goals to achieve which were incredibly helpful and helped me bring these changes physically into the world."



My main credential for doing the work of a somatic life coach is that I live my life according to the guidance in my body. 

Further to this I am a certified Somatic Soul Coach™ having trained with the visionary teacher Dana Regan

For more information on my certifications, please click here


She wants to roll in the earth,

Lie on the leaves; 

to cushion her eyes

and kindle her fire.

It's time.