Somatic Life Coaching with Ellie

Whatever you're yearning to nourish in your life, Somatic Life Coaching offers tools for transformation. 

It's a leading edge, inside-out process that’s guided by your body and nervous system.


I work with people who desire more joy, freedom, health and integrity in their world. 


I work with those who know how they'd like life to feel and are ready to craft that life. 


I’ll work with you because you want to listen to your body’s rhythms, flow and fire. Because your soul’s craving authenticity, and magic. 

And love. Lots of it. 

Take a breath with that, sweet one. 


Coaching with me supports you to nourish the elements of your world that are most precious to you; wellness, career, relationships, healing or something else. 

Perhaps you’re yearning for a career that aligns with your soul, or relationships in which all of you is welcomed. Maybe you’ve a health condition that it’s time to heal or a tapping in your gut that you're ready to respond to. 

Perhaps there's another reason your soma's calling you to work with me. Surprise me. 


I’m here. Let me know what's alive for you, lovely. 

Results of  Somatic Life Coaching

Can Include:

-Getting in touch with who you truly are

-Manifesting work that aligns with your soul purpose

-Profound healing

-Releasing people pleasing 

-Reclaiming your body that supports you to fly! 


-Relating to others from a place of integrity

-Channeling the power of your innate intelligence into your life

-Self forgiveness

-Feeling more alive, energised and healthy 

- Discovering your passion and life’s purpose

-Gaining a healthy relationship to boundaries 

​- Experiencing your body as an ally rather than as an adversary

-Cultivating a somatic mediation practice

-Increased experience of

presence and pleasure!

- Birthing of parts of you that are longing to be expressed

-Stepping into your power

 -Having greater intimacy with self and other

-Learning how to resource your innate wisdom

- Increasing your emotional intelligence

-Enhanced somatic awareness

- More access to your intuition

-Stopping second guessing yourself 

- Honouring and celebration of life in its many facets

- Celebrating the gift of deep feeling.

There are really only two sensations;

Flow and block. 

The True You speaks with flow. 

Follow this felt-sense body 'yes' and you are guaranteed to craft a life beyond your wildest.


Miraculous healing and childlike zest for life come as standard.

Somatic Life Coaching with Ellie

Craft Your Life from the Enormous Power Within

Coaching with me will evolve your life in radical ways that are deeply kind.

Coaching Programs include:

  • Private life coaching sessions of 60 minutes 

  • Email support from me between sessions

  • Creation of 'soul action' so that you leave sessions with inspired, body-lead action steps

  • Tools to nourish your nervous system 

  • Support from a coach who honours your wisdom

There are different time-frame options, to suit your needs. 

During a program with me, you will be guided by me to:

  • Contact your deep, undeniable truths

  • Act on these truths in a way that feels right and brings vitality

  • Grow your emotional intelligence

  • Nourish your wellbeing

  • Step into your magnificence

"Somatic Life Coaching supports you to step, radically, into who you are.


During sessions you return - over and over - to your flow of vital energy and where it's leading.  

By taking action from this



You are automatically on a path of joy, health and freedom. It can be no other way"

Ellie Paskell

The Somatic Coaching process is an extraordinary, potent space; from which you will


Do what you've been yearning to do.


Those things your head says you couldn't possibly do 



Those things your soul knows you're here for. 


Yup, you'll do them.  


I am a somatic life coach, fundamentally, because I live and breathe somatics. Meaning I life my life from the guidance in my body. 

Further to this lived experience, I am a certified Somatic Soul Coach™ having trained with the visionary teacher and leader Dana Regan. She is a compassionate power house; one whose take on human life and transformation is vital for our world. 

If you'd like to know more about her and what she does, please click here. 


She wants to roll in the earth, lie on the leaves.

For eyes to be cushioned,

fire to be kindled;

the keyhole to her hips to be opened

and have her power freed. 

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