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Ellie Paskell


Certified Somatic Soul Coach, mindfulness based pain & stress management teacher and embodied creative. 

With over twenty years professional experience in the healing and expressive arts, I support people to find healing, and aliveness by coming home to who they truly are.

Working with me will be particularly supportive for you if:

~You're ready to live the song of your soul!

~It's time for you to reclaim your physical or emotional health by following the guidance in your body 


~You want to find freedom from societal constraints and to create the life you deeply desire

My journey


The first two decades of my life saw me walk the path of an actress; performing for millions in my work on stage and screen.


At 22, however, my body started to shout for attention with a debilitating fatigue that wouldn't go away. So, in 2012, after five years of clinging to life as I knew it, I released my acting career and fully aligned with my soul.


Since that time, I’ve spent years away from modern culture, learning from and healing my body and guiding others to do the same. 

I now share my work in the form of group courses, one to one coaching programs and global retreats and will be there, at your side when you want to heal your body, remember who you are or dance, unfettered, to the beat of your bones! 


Helen Scott x.jpeg

Helen Scott

Holistic Therapist

"I have had the privilege of being coached by Ellie over the last seven months and I cannot recommend her enough. When we began our sessions my life was at a standstill due to a period of chronic fatigue. By guiding me to connect with my soma, I was able to truly listen to my body's wisdom and hear what I really needed. At the time I needed to be still. To honour that stillness and let my body have the time to recover and renew. I have discovered a deep respect for what my body needs through our sessions. Letting go of societies expectations and hearing my own needs. The result of which is I am now recovered and planning my return to work. I feel quite transformed thanks to these coaching sessions. It's been pretty magical!


Ellie has been so encouraging. I don't think I have ever felt so heard and listened to. I felt completely and fully respected. However I was also challenged. In a firm but gentle way. I am a great analyser, I try and figure things out in my mind or see things from a spiritual perspective, but Ellie kept guiding me back to my soma, where the real wisdom was to be found. The things I had been bypassing were brought to my attention in a state of acceptance and love. She also set me goals to achieve which were incredibly helpful and helped me bring these changes physically into the world.


Ellie is a wise, intuitive, encouraging and magical coach! She holds such a warm and safe space for you to explore what your soul and body needs and wants. I would 100% recommend both her and somatic coaching. It has lead me to a deeper understanding and confidence in my own wisdom and I will be forever grateful to Ellie!”

Grace x x .jpg

Grace Te Kim

Corporate and Executive Coach 

“I am so grateful for Ellie! She has an incredible gift of reading layers into the human soma. Her sensitivity to energy and soothing compassionate voice, with carefully chosen words, create the ultimate safe environment to do some very deep work.


Her devotion to care and love is astounding and inspirational.  


Ellie's acute level of sensitivity - which enables her to detect the fine line between what seems to be the answer versus the soma-subtle-hidden-truth is brilliant!”

Jolene x.jpeg

Jolene Sheehan

Mother, Wellbeing Practitioner &

Creator of 'Joy Ethic'

"Ellie is magical, loving, powerful and wise; the inner voice we all need to guide us through the lies we've been telling ourselves and lead us back to the truth in our bones.  


Each session took me to a different part of myself - from the wise, clear vantage point of love.  Each session was a chance to gather in a lost or misunderstood part of me and bring it home.


My ability to access and appreciate my own creativity has massively expanded, e.g. I've started writing poetry which I really enjoy.  My connections with those I love most dearly have deepened, as have my relationships with others at work because I am more and more willing to be my full self.


Because of the time I have had, being guided by Ellie, I am honouring what I want and giving myself less of a hard time about being selfish.  I have started to see my body as a beautiful puppet operated by some much larger power or a welcome, beloved guest to my soul.  This is quite a new and profound development.


For me, tuning into my body more instead of letting my mind try and tell my body what to do has been profound.  I would (and do) recommend this to everybody.”

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