About Me

I live, effectively, 'on retreat' and have done for many years.

Sure - I 'come out' to hold sessions, socialise, dance and play - but my priority is presence with my body; listening to the waves on the inside. These are my waves of me; sacred.


They tell me what to do, where to go and how to care for myself.They show me what the beat of my drum is and how to dance that.  This is how I bring my extraordinary self to the world, and how I support others to do the same. 

My priority is the learnings that come when I focus in, listen to my body, flow with Her guidance and hear those radical whisperings.

I'm here to help create a new world.

Perhaps you are, too.

The one our children will be happy and healthy in.

Hell - I'll stop mincing my words - the one I am be happy and healthy in.

This world

- these lives we crave to live -

(the lives in which we're free to be in integrity with who we are) 

(for this is the root of all health, freedom and joy)

these lives come not from the level of thought that created our current world but from

new ways of being,

new ways of feeling and the knowings that flow from that.


That's why I'm here.

That's why I spend so many hours in mediation,

in conscious dance, 

in nature,


or silent with dear ones.

That's why I prioritise listening to my body above all else; this is where the guidance is.

And. It's. Powerful. Beyond. Measure. 


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