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Image by Anastasia Taioglou

Ellie Paskell

Certified Somatic Soul Coach™, mindfulness based pain & stress management teacher, 

embodied creative. 

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With twenty five years professional experience in the healing and expressive arts, I support people to come home to who they truly are by following the guidance in their bodies.  

Image by Anastasia Taioglou

The first two decades of my life saw me walk the path of an actress; performing for millions in my work on stage and screen.


At 22, however, my body started to shout for attention with a debilitating fatigue that wouldn't go away. So, after five years of clinging to life as I knew it, I released my acting career and fully aligned with my soul.


Since that time, I’ve spent years away from modern culture, learning from and healing my body. 

The development of my work as a somatic coach has seen me spend over 40,000 hours in reverent embodiment practice; being guided by my felt sense and supporting others to do the same. 

I now share my passion for embodiment in the form of group courses, one to one coaching programs and global retreats. I'll be there, at your side when you want to heal, remember who you are and dance, unfettered, to the beat of your bones!

If you'd like to know more about my coaching and how I could support you, simply click here

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