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Hello Lovely,


Thank you for taking the time to check out how I’m using the information I have from you.

I take your privacy seriously and will always treat any data I have of yours (i.e. your name or email address) with great respect.  

The main things for me to share are about cookies and what happens when you complete a sign up form on my site. Please read on!

Completing a Sign Up Form

~When you complete a sign up form on my site: you're agreeing to receive emails from me. These emails will relate to the things you're signing up for and, also, to other opportunities to nourish your wellbeing.


You can unsubscribe from these at any time and I will only send messages with the most top notch things in :).  

I will never sell your information to third parties. 

Cookies on This Site


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer to collect information about the pages you view and your activities on this site.

I don't use many of these and they're simply there to optimise how you're connecting with and experiencing  my business. 

Below, you will find further information on my privacy policy.  




Introduction and Summary


I want to make it easy for you to understand what information I collect from you, what I do with it, and how you can request access to this information.


It's very important to me to maintain transparency and trust with my website visitors and clients, and it just so happens that this complies with the laws of many countries around the world, too! If you have questions about this policy, you can contact me at epmeditation@gmail.com.



I collect as little information from you as possible for a specific and identifiable purpose, and then I commit to using this information only in the way I have specified. When you visit this site, you are agreeing to this Privacy Policy, the collection of information identified in this policy, and you always have the ability to opt out.



What Personal Information I Collect and When 


I collect information so that I can make my products and services better tailored to those who visit my site and do business with me. I collect this information to (i) deliver products and services you have purchased from me, (ii) to notify you about my product or service offerings that you may be interested in, so long as you have given me consent to do so, (iii) to keep track of visitor information to my site and/or or create re-targeted and “lookalike” audiences for advertising purposes. I may collect information from you directly and indirectly through third-party services, as follows: 

When you contact me...

● With questions or comments in the contact form or chat box.

● To request more information, schedule a session, schedule a discovery call or sign up to my newsletter.

● To place an order for products or services.

● To receive my product or services.


When I contact you...

● To provide the goods and services you requested.

● To request occasional feedback.

● To provide news, updates, information and offers by email.


When I contact others...

● I may see certain personal information from third party apps and services that allow me to complete your order.

● I may see certain personal information from third party installations that allow me to re-market my services and products to you on other websites.

● I may see certain personal information from third party apps and services that allow me to monitor website traffic, email conversion, and other analytics data.

● I may see your personal information when I work with third party processors, like my email provider (aWeber) and web host (Wix). Please note that this means I may transmit your data across international borders.



Your Privacy Controls 


I use third-party services on my websites to assist in communicating or interacting with the public, including social media services, widgets, apps, pixels, and plugins, as further identified below. These services may distinguish or trace your identity.


You can configure your system to delete cookies or disable them.

--> Facebook pixels. More information is available here

--> Stripe. More information is available here.  


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer to collect information about the pages you view and your activities on the site. They enable the site to recognise you by, for example, remembering your user name or keeping track of your preferences if you visit the site again. The cookie transmits this information back to the website's computer (or server) which generally is the only computer that can read it. You can set your Web browser to warn you about attempts to place cookies on your computer, or to limit the type of cookies you allow. See also more information on how to change cookies settings in popular desktop browsers.



● I will never sell or share my email list for use by third parties.


Your Rights to Your Information


You own your personal information and have rights to it. For example, you have the rights to:


- Withdraw your consent for me to market my products and services to you and otherwise use the personal information you have provided to me. Withdrawing consent is easy. Simply click “unsubscribe” in the footer of my emails, epmeditation@gmail.com 


- Request a copy of the information I have about you;


- Be forgotten (that is, have your data deleted and/or ask me to stop using your information for any purpose);



I store your personal information only for as long as it is needed to use it for the reasons you have consented to.

Occasionally I will revise this policy and will use your contact information to notify you of these changes if they reduce your privacy rights in any way.


For any further questions, submit an email to epmeditation@gmail.com



With kindness and respect,


Ellie Paskell



Last updated on 25th May 2021


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