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The Power of Letting Go

Rest assured, Dear One, that this story has a happy ending - one of love, revelation, magic and joy - but it begins at a grizzly point. 


It begins, to be specific, with my grizzly points this month. Ones in which I’ve been panicking and wrenching, pushing and straining




This month I’ve been journeying with workaholism; the part of me that can’t let go. Bless her, she’s scared and wanting to be perfect in order to feel safe.


Can you relate, my friend, to feeling fear? 


I hope not. But it’s possible that something’s been gripping you this month - pinching your shoulders and telling you to Take Action and Make Things Right when, in truth, what’s needed is release.  


Take a breath with that and feel my hand at your back. 


It’s time to harness the power of letting go. 


Here we are in 2024, nose-ing into a new era and being asked to surrender like never before. 


We're being asked to trust.


Trust in what’s happening


Trust in ourselves


Trust in what's possible


Trust in Life. 


The fire of your being burns brightest when unencumbered by the mind's minutiae.


So down tools, soften your grip, relax your jaw and root. I'm here to show you how.



The biggest gift you can give the world is a regulated nervous system and, if you're panicking or pushing, the strongest action you can take is surrender.


Which is what I remembered this week... and it felt like blankets and roses. 


There was nothing I needed  do except follow my body's lead because

While our minds tells us to tense, our bodies say release.


When our fear encourages action, our fingers open to peace. 


And, truly, that is where our power lies. 




And that’s why, this Sunday, I’m holding a session that’ll guide you to open to that; aka the empowered inaction of letting go. 


You're welcome to join me as I support you to:


~ Journey with a situation that’s bringing you suffering 

~ Create an Alter for Change and place the situation on it

~ Hold any frightened parts of you with love

~ Open to empowered surrender

~ Expect miracles


You will: 


~ Drop into a pool of trust 

~ Soften into empowerment

~ Remember your magic

~ Return to love




This session is my monthly Self Love Sundays gathering and you can take your place there, by going to

Come, Dear One, soften your palms and open to love. Now is the time of miracles and I'm so happy that we're doing this together.  



Take your place at this wonderful session at

See you soon,

Ellie Paskell



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