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Rest assured, Dear One, that this story has a happy ending - one of love, revelation, magic and joy - but it begins at a grizzly point. 


It begins, to be specific, with my grizzly points this month. Ones in which I’ve been panicking and wrenching, pushing and straining




This month I’ve been journeying with workaholism; the part of me that can’t let go. Bless her, she’s scared and wanting to be perfect in order to feel safe.


Can you relate, my friend, to feeling fear? 


I hope not. But it’s possible that something’s been gripping you this month - pinching your shoulders and telling you to Take Action and Make Things Right when, in truth, what’s needed is release.  


Take a breath with that and feel my hand at your back. 


It’s time to harness the power of letting go. 


Here we are in 2024, nose-ing into a new era and being asked to surrender like never before. 


We're being asked to trust.


Trust in what’s happening


Trust in ourselves


Trust in what's possible


Trust in Life. 


The fire of your being burns brightest when unencumbered by the mind's minutiae.


So down tools, soften your grip, relax your jaw and root. I'm here to show you how.



The biggest gift you can give the world is a regulated nervous system and, if you're panicking or pushing, the strongest action you can take is surrender.


Which is what I remembered this week... and it felt like blankets and roses. 


There was nothing I needed  do except follow my body's lead because

While our minds tells us to tense, our bodies say release.


When our fear encourages action, our fingers open to peace. 


And, truly, that is where our power lies. 




And that’s why, this Sunday, I’m holding a session that’ll guide you to open to that; aka the empowered inaction of letting go. 


You're welcome to join me as I support you to:


~ Journey with a situation that’s bringing you suffering 

~ Create an Alter for Change and place the situation on it

~ Hold any frightened parts of you with love

~ Open to empowered surrender

~ Expect miracles


You will: 


~ Drop into a pool of trust 

~ Soften into empowerment

~ Remember your magic

~ Return to love




This session is my monthly Self Love Sundays gathering and you can take your place there, by going to

Come, Dear One, soften your palms and open to love. Now is the time of miracles and I'm so happy that we're doing this together.  



Take your place at this wonderful session at

See you soon,

Ellie Paskell


My gift to the world has always been how energy flows through my body when strong emotions arise. I used to share this via my work as an actress but, now, I'm called to deliver it in a new way; not from the underbelly of a character or mask, but by showing my heart flowing, gut gripping truth to you on camera. And so it is with great joy (and a small wobble) that I’m doing exactly that, today!

May this transmission bring you permission to feel what you feel; may it allow you to take a lung softening breath of air and remember your humanity.

Being alive at on Earth at this time can be intense. Our shadows are arising, our inner critics are shouting and, in order to return our world to love, we're remembering how to feel. And, while this is sacred work, it's also a LOT and we can be left thinking 'what if I'm broken/crazy/way too much?! How can I BE with these feelings and live my life?!'

Ha. Yes. None of us are alone in these experiences and that's why,

in my newest video, I'm sharing strategy with you to help you to stay grounded in the midst of it all.

Whether you're feeling the sharp edge of your inner critic; a rambunctious rage or delicious delight... you’ll know you're present, seen and held in love.

During this video you will:

~Drop into your raw, authentic truth

~Gain radical support to be with what you feel

~Discover a revelatory way to relate to your emotions

~Receive strategy to support you when your inner critic arises so you stay:



-On track with love

I'd love to hear how this broadcast lands, for you, so feel free to share in the YouTube comments or reply to this email. And don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you'll receive notifications whenever I go live!

With love,

Ellie Paskell

Hello Dear One,

Here’s me Coming to you Through the ether Without trying. I'm sitting here. Drinking tea. Typing gently. Knowing that I'm done with making an effort in order to feel that I'm enough.... Knowing I'm over dulling my power with layers of preparation... Aren't we all? The truth is that You... Un-decorated, un-prepared.. Are extraordinary. Just like the trees… the oceans, the rabbits and roots… you're magical without appendage. So Stop. And welcome the Goddess essence that glows from your cells, to shine, when you do. Receive the oceans of love the universe has for you, in return. Can you imagine showing up, utterly unguarded, totally trusting and knowing your worth?

Can you picture being present; naked as your soul's song... receptive as the sky... How that would feel... How that would look... What will happen inside your body, when you do? What will bloom, in your life? Let's find out. This Sunday, I'm holding a beautiful live session, in which we'll open to the topic: Be Showered in Love Just as You Are If you're not yet part of my community that gathers, each month, you can take your place (without charge!) by going to

We meet once a month to open to the medicine of self love. 3:45pm UK, 10:45am NYC and there's a replay if you miss the live.

This month, in the spirit of showing up just as I am; knowing I’ll receive what I need to hold space, on the day, I won’t say a lot about what the session will involve. But I intuit it will go something like… Within our beautiful 75 minutes, together, you will: ~Experience the simple, undecorated, extraordinary being you are, without trying ~Shed lifetimes of unnecessary strain ~Feel the hum… the potent gold that glows from your insides... ~Know your magnetism, your essence, your invaluable worth ~Be celebrated by the universe ~Receive gifts of love It's going to be beautiful and you can click right here to take your place

I can't wait to see you there!

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