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Awakening Support

If you identify as having had (or as going through) a spiritually transformative experience and would like support with your journey, you're welcome to

get in touch. 

and we can discuss the support I'm able to offer.


I am a trained peer group facilitator with the Emerging Kind movement; which grew from Katie Mottram's Emerging Proud campaign. 

As someone who's undergone/undergoing my own  process of spiritual awakening, I bring this perspective to all I do. 

My one to one coaching programs



may be particularly supportive for you if you're going through energetic/kundalini awakening as I know this process well. 

You may also find the information in the below Spiritual Emergence Support Resources document of use. 

Please note that I am not affiliated with any of the organisations listed in the above document (aside from Emerging Kind) .


I simply know that they're sources of support for those going through the Spiritual Emergence process.

The information in the document was accurate when it was created on 01.06.2018

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Click here to contact me. 

Image by Conner Ching
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