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Your Body Knows

When I received the guidance to follow my body, back in my early 20s, I felt both enlivened and afraid.

Back then, though my external life looked ‘great on paper’, I was dealing with recurring exhaustion that was driving me to despair;  while my acting career flourished, my inner bloom felt to be dying and I knew I had to take a leap.

Can you relate to this? Are you ready to follow the call of your soul and step onto your Magical Path of Aliveness?

While it can feel risky to follow your body, doing so is the sanest, most stabilising option there is. With every breath, She guides you to what you truly want; with every heartbeat, you’re lead by the infinite intelligence of All That Is.

For me, this meant letting go of my acting career so I could create the life that felt the way I came here to feel. And, though my mind called it risky; I knew it was right; I was throwing off an old identity to spread breathtaking wings. And, gosh, how breathtaking they’ve been.

What are you desiring to experience in your life? Is it a new career, to live by the ocean or sync up with the moon? Are you ready to heal illness, drop into power or open to your answers?

Following your body will lead to a life that aligns, utterly, with your felt sense. For me this means working, resting and playing as and how I want; I can travel when I wish, spend oodles of time in nature and have rekindled my zestful love of life.

Whatever draws you to this path, I see you, I love you and I’ve got an incredible invitation to extend to you.

You are invited into:

A three month, personalised program for women.

-With community

-With support

-With magic

To learn more and take your place in this wonderful program, go to

Sessions start April 27th 2022! 

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