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Why having a clear, free flow of energy through my body is…

Why having a clear, free flow of energy through my body is better than chocolate… : . I am compelled by some deep hunger of the soul, driven by a desire that will not leave me alone to have the energy in my body flowing as unencumbered as possible. This, essentially, is why I spend hours in meditation every day. This is why I care for my body and mind as attentively as one would for a tiny, beautiful, kitten. . And why am I compelled in this way? The thing is, free flowing energy in our bodies is all we’re ever after. (#Truth). And here’s why; because whatever we’re pursuing, it’s in the in order to feel joy. And free-flowing energy within us is What Joy Is. . Every emotion has an energetic make up within us and joy/love is what we feel when our energy flows at its freest. That’s when we feel healthy. That’s when we’re lit up and ecstatic to be alive. . This feeling is what I’m striving for when I pick up the cookie (mmmmmm) break it in two so the chocolate oozes out (mmmmmmmmmmm)… and eat it. . And so, now, I sometimes cut out the middle-man (the cookie) (sorry cookie) and go straight for the energy flow. Sit by bum down in meditation, or go walk in nature and let the divine light of all that is course my electric-veins like magic. . Mmmmmmmm. . No matter what’s gone down in my day, no matter what my head says I need or want or lack; when I get mindful and clear enough for my mind to release and the energy to flow, then mmmmm. All is well. And all shall be well. And I know, . I know. . That all is very . Very . Well. . #energywork #lightworker #selflove #energybody #chakrasystem #60daysofenergetictruth #alive #vital #humanlight #humanflow #rewilding #energyflow #energyworker #healer #innateknowing #indigo #spiritjunkie #wellbeing #energetichealth #lightbody #kundalini #kundaliniawakening . Beautiful post created by @kturro #thankyou (at Basil + Lily)

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