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Who are you when you’re in your centre, my love? Who are you…

Who are you when you’re in your centre, my love? Who are you when you’re out of it? . Moving in and out of my own centre is still a daily dance, for me. Sometimes I’m flowing with the joy of integrity and sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’ll notice confusion or sadness from having lost myself; I’ll notice I’m people pleasing or wanting to eat when I’m not hungry; and that’s when it’s time to take space. Because people pleasing is no longer the answer for me and eating (or not eating) when it doesn’t feel good isn’t, either. There’s only one thing that does it for Ellie, now, and that’s truth. My truth. Taking breaths when I need to – giving myself space and time to . Slow . Down . And know whats’ alive in my body. . When I know how I really feel… . That’s when I . Sink . Back . Into . Me . And . Notice the floodgates of self-kindness and clarity open. . And . There . I .Am. . Knowing what to do next; knowing what I need and how to take care of myself. . That’s when I’m back in my centre and my power can flow. . Many of us have grown used to living out of our centres; disconnected from our truth and power. Sometimes it’s been easier to live that way. If you’re reading this post, however, you’re ready to live your truth on a whole new level. And I invite you to prioritise: knowing what’s true for you and expressing/honouring/taking care of that truth – no matter what. . This is what you’re here for; this is the way of happiness, peace and health. There’s no other, sweetheart. So take your own centred, aligned, fiercely true way. It can all start with five minutes of space, noticing that you’re breathing. Or with a long, luscious soak in the bath. . And if you’re liking the sounds of that – I invite you to claim your spot (without charge!) at my monthly Self Love Sundays, live sessions where you’ll receive support to deepen your self love and revolutionise your life. . Link in insta bio and at . #calmincovid #embodiment #inyourcentre #liveyourtruth #selflove #ifttt

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