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What’s present when I shed my layers? What happens when I’m…

What’s present when I shed my layers? What happens when I’m Instagramming in the bathtub?! . Heres day 15 of my Instagram Truth Quest; ‘30 Day’s of Red’ in which I’m shining light on those parts of myself that my ego says shouldn’t be seen. . For freedom and self love. For joy, peace, healing and for you. This is my service – I know this because (though sometimes scary) showing my true self to others feels like blue waves of ocean over my heart. Mmmmmm. It feels like sunset over beach pebbles and hands around a warm mug. Yeeeeeeah. I am on this planet to allow all facets of myself to be seen. . Boom. . There’s a kicking and yelling inside of me that says: . I’M OVER KEEPING ANYTHING IN – EVER . I want to be seen by you. All of me. My fears and delights, my upside down and top of the moon days. I want you to know my heart and soul and tippy toes because… . Perhaps I’ll stop trying to explain why… . I just know it’s why I’m here. On Earth. At this time. For today. . When I was nine and I first acted in a theatre, my heart said . “Yesssss!!!!!!!! Here’s a profession in which ALL OF ME GETS TO BE SEEN. And it will be OKAY for me to be a COMPLETE HUMAN BEAN! AND (and!!!!!) AND people will APPLAUD if I show my shadowy sides up there. HOW. Awesome.” . Then, now, I exhale… feel my feet in the earth and embrace that I do not want to only show certain emotions when I’m playing a character – I want to be seen as all of me always. Free to be Radically Ellie. Releasing that fear of being Me, over and over by bringing my shiny soft open closed rooted shuddering elements out in the sunlight. . Thank you for seeing them. Thank you for being, sweet one. . #presence #vulnerabilityisstrength #vulnerability #selflove #opening #alliswell #radicallymyself #freedom #hereandnow #mentalhealth #joy #peace #shadowtolight #rewilding #spiritjunkie #integrity #andbreathe #ifttt (at Forest Row Sussex)

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