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☀️ 🌞 What are your blocks to feeling worthy, my love? I invite…

☀️ 🌞 What are your blocks to feeling worthy, my love? I invite you to take a breath, feel your feet and SMASH THE BLOCKS AWAY! 🌞 ☀️ . Yesterday – I ran my Self Love Sundays webinar on the topic of Your Innate Worthiness –

🔥there’s still time to sign up for the replay 🔥 click the link in my bio for free access. . Oooh this session will rock your world. . We’re told, as we grow, that we must do things to be ‘good’ or worthy of feeling good. Essentially – were told that we must close off our inner flow of good feeling (aka self love) and open it only when we’ve earned it. This is BS. We’re socialised to believe that it’s appropriate to judge ourselves and feel bad if we make ‘mistakes’/fail at something…. ie that the feeling of being ‘good enough’ should be conditional. . Whaaaaat????! . This. Is. BS. . Your body knows this. Your soma (body) knows it feeels amaaaazing; vitalising, health-bringing; all the good stuff – when you are in love with you. This is how you know that feeling this way is your birthright. Unconditionally. You are good. Worthy. It is your birthright to be well. It is your birthright to feel awesome about you. Energetically – they’re one and the same thing. . This months Self Love Sunday session is a paradigm wiggling, heart warming, soul soothing, power inducing awesomeness – watching it will support you to open to a felt experience of worthiness. A felt sense experience you can then dip into (like a silver pool of eternal magic) whenever you desire. . Mmmm yessssss. . Share this post with anyone who deserves a good ol’ dollop of love and wellbeing . If you’ve not yet signed up – click the link in my Insta Bio or go to . #selflovesundays #selflove #selfkindness #peace #wellbeing #wellness #joy #play #meditation #somaticlifecoaching #somaticsoulcoach #webinar #alliswell #youarebeautiful #hereandnow #letgo #ifttt #lifecoaching #guidedmeditation #onlinemeditation #mindfulness #wellbeingevent #wellnessevent #eventplanner

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