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Tonight I was honoured to sit in circle with a group of fiery,…

Tonight I was honoured to sit in circle with a group of fiery, divine eyed, moon souled women. All of us there to work through ancestral healing. So much is rising in my body at the moment – I can’t help but do this work. Not doing it would be like trying not to sneeze. . Hehe. . Whats rising in me isn’t ‘mine’. It’s in my cells… but my cells whisper and shake and yell of traumas that didn’t happen to me. Not this lifetime, anyway. . That’s okay. This sorta experience is so 2019 ☺️🙃🤓🧙🏻‍♀️💥🌲. . Simply what I’m here for this time around. And you too, probably, if you’re reading this. I’m here to cradle myself through wild somatic awakening and release. To cleanse and flow and fire and yell and dance and . In the releasing . To meet ‘myself’ . Ever clearer, ever with more heart. Ever with more closeness of heart; my heart right next to ‘Her’ (my) heart. Seeing. Feeling myself. Finally being my best friend. Able to see that I’m everything and nothing all at once and dance the human dance with mess and joy and ice and . All . The . Love. . All the love – Self Love – integrity – presence – womb rooted, spirit-dancing presence. . And yet . This work . Though I love it . Though I chose it . I Can’t put it on my cv, so much. . My ego hates that. Hehe. . But I see it. And I see you, angel. Whoever you are, wherever you are. Healing your body and soul. Releasing patterns from your family line. Welcoming yourself home and supporting others to do the same . Simply . By . Being . You . On this journey. . I see you. . You’re not alone. . I’m so grateful you’re here. . Ellie x .

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