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Today is day 13 of my 60 day Instagram Truth Quest. ‘Ahaaa, what…

Today is day 13 of my 60 day Instagram Truth Quest. ‘Ahaaa, what is this wondrous sounding quest?’ I hear you ask. Well ☺️ good question. . I’m appearing on Instagram, via live video, every day for 60 days. Simply popping up on your screen to share what’s moving through me at that moment. The intention being to create more space for myself to Be Me in the presence of others. To grow my capacity to let all my inner rivers; my feelings and rages and love and ‘mughfftzzzpts!’ do their thing… even when I’m with people. . And why? . Because my priority is flow. My priority is self love and allowing. My priority is integrity. This is where peace and joy and health and loin burning energy come from. So, quite frankly, everything else can go do as it pleases. . I’ll be me, thank you. With you, with me, at work, at play, on the bus, in the park, in the cafes (obvs). I will be me. . So today I sit, as kindly as possible, with my self criticism. Yes self compassion is beautiful, yes mindfulness is awe-inspiring but (and) the big ol’ central piece of both those things is Letting . What . Is . Be. . Perhaps the most startling paradox of human existence is that in order for things to evolve I must first allow What Is . To . Be. . So here I sit with my self criticism. Endeavour to be present with the part that ticks me off, scolds and shakes me about for anything and everything. . This part of me did appear (whenever she first appeared… ) to keep me safe, after all. . Only doing her best, she is. . As is the rest of me. . Doing beautifully and wonderfully and perfectly. . With my self criticism. With my blame and fear and love and joy and . All. . Of. . It. . #andbreathe #60daysoftruth #instagramlive #elliepaskellmindfulnessteacher #elliepaskellactress #actresslife #flow #integrity #wellbeing #allowing #selfcompassion #peace #wellness #selflove #spirotjunkie #energy #joy #flow #wildwoman #emotions #pow #ifttt (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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