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🌊 This month’s session happens tomorrow!! 3:45pm UK time. And…

🌊 This month’s session happens tomorrow!! 3:45pm UK time. And we’ll be live with the earth grounding, fire warming, water flowing presence of @healingforshe. About this I am so excited 😎😃😁. . So – why Self Love? Because you’ve Pushed. Yourself. Enough. And it’s time to take a big ol’ exhale and open to radical self kindness. . Self love holds the key to everything you’re desiring. Yup. Every. Thing. . 🌻 I have created this monthly, online event to bring profound nourishment to your life. . 🌳You can sign up for Self Love Sundays (for free!) via link in bio . *** In each session, you’re supported to open to self kindness and work with what arises as you do. . 🌹 In our time together, you’ll cultivate self love in many ways including: -Reconnecting to your body -Slowing down -Hearing and responding to your true needs -Honouring your intuition 🦋 Sessions include: -Guided Meditations -Tools to use in your daily life -Opportunities to share your experience and gain one on one coaching with me -Guest speakers . Sign up to attend: link in bio or go to . Link in bio. . *** *** . This month we look at the radical topic of anger. Yours and how to live with it. No, how to FLY with it, angel. Be ashamed no more. Open to your magic. . #selflovesundays #selflove #emotions #trasformationalcoaching #embodiedlife #transformationallifecoach #selfkindness #peace #wellbeing #wellness #joy #ifttt #meditation #somaticlifecoaching #somaticsoulcoach #webinar #ifttt

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