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This beauty, created by @wildwomansisterhoodofficial and…

This beauty, created by @wildwomansisterhoodofficial and @barefootfive is ringing deeply true to me today. . Sometimes I’m afraid to share how much I love myself – and then I remember that it’s my gift to others. When I‘m in love with me, I fuel the world with kindness like at no other times. For some, money’s the key. Others say peace comes with success or finding ‘the one’. But this isn’t my experience. Life has taught me that self love Is It; that which makes rain-days dance, trees stand like lovers and grounds glow. Take my photo of this cookie spoon, for example (exhibit b). This moment of photographed delight was delightful because it happened amidst a flow of self love. Yup. Ever wonder why sometimes a song sounds awesome and sometimes it doesn’t? What’s changed? Self love. It’s either there or it’s not. The more we feel it, the more life loves us back. . A friend shared with me, recently, that she’d had a time of falling into a loving relationship with herself and how ‘rich’ it had been. For me, this was a great way to say it because, when I love myself, life is chocolatey delicious. A trip down a bumpy path becomes a foot massage, and even frightening things are exquisite because – when I’ve loved myself (tended to me; taken time to listen) I’ve gotten familiar with the forest floor of my fear… so… even that becomes a welcome mat for my bum. I can rest there, take a breather, no need to run. ‘Cos I’m present, holding my own hand. . Cookie spoon, anyone? . #selflove #lovingme #beautifullife #healing #alliswell #anythingispossible #indigo #forgiveness #allowing #peaceofmind #mentalhealth #joy #play #freedom #truth #justbeing #barefootfive #woman #joy #runfree #womenwhorunwithwolves #awesomeme #awesomeyou #ifttt #iloveme #wildwoman #earthgirl #rewilding (at Sheringham)

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