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These are changing times we live in; hilariously ridiculous…

These are changing times we live in; hilariously ridiculous governments, crumbling structures and more and more knowing that the ‘way things are’ can change. This can feel scary sweet ones, yes indeed. Of course. But I’m here to say it’s all okay. We must let go the old to allow the new. We must see through the old structures in order to let them go. It’s all okay. Part of a sacred process happening on Earth. Just breathe. Feel the ground beneath you. And breathe. . More and more of us are waking up; meditating, falling into our bodies, hearing our soul’s calling to revitalise our lives with . Truth . Integrity . and . Doing what feels right emotionally, physically, sensorally. Letting go the ‘should’s and the ‘this is how it’s always been‘s and hearing our insides when they say . ‘LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL GOOD. Screw all this pointless activity which wilts my soul!!!’ . So lots is coming up in our minds, bodies and hearts. Lots of shifts, lots of emotions and experiences the medical world like to call ‘symptoms’. Whether you have been diagnosed with some kind of #mentalhealth ‘problem’ or simply have a knowing that how you experience life is to do with that spiritual awakening you had…. I invite you to check out the #emergingproud #emergingkind website. The Emerging Proud movement is reframing ‘mental illness’ as the transformative process it is for so many. Break downs are so often break throughs; especially when the necessary support is in place. What the Emerging Proud movement is doing is vital, beautiful work for the times we live in. . It’s an awesome movement. And, since you’re awesome too… you might just find you like it 💛🧡💛. . . #emergingproud #spiritualawakening #spiritualemergence #aciste #shadesofawakening #outthespiritualcloset #spiritjunkie #selflove #mentalhealth #beautifulyou (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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