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There’s still time to sign up for the replay of Self Love…

There’s still time to sign up for the replay of Self Love Sundays – and flow into a pool of acceptance and surrender (aka peace) my love. . 🧘‍♀️🌊🥳💥 I used to be the stressiest of stressed creatures – and now (often!) I know peace… 💥🥳🌊 . Pushing to ‘get things done faster’ /better doesn’t work. Screw what the world says. Let go. You’re where you need to be. . Receive today’s Self Love Sundays online session – sign up here my friend: (link in Insta bio) . Anyone who knows me well – knows my life used to be all about strain and rush. They called me ‘stressed Ellie’ at high school. And man I did well; A+s and awards and all the rest. . But I the end – I wanted more joy. That’s it. More presence with the miracle of life. And – though my mind would have kept me work-a-hol-ic-ing through life till I was blue in the face my body said no. She said no with shaking and fatigue – with numbness and block until in the end – the only thing to do was surrender. . Thank frig 🐸 I did. It turns out that acceptance and surrender is a doorway to peace, joy and miraculous (ease ful) possibility. . Today’s live Self Love Sundays session – was on the topic of: . acceptance and surrender . When you sign up now – you’ll receive the replay on 27th Jan. . . Within the sesh there is: ~ Powerful, gentle Guided Practice ~Opportunity for you to open to your inner truths ~Time for you to share and gain support The Power of Acceptance and Surrender You know your birthright is peace. That’s why you’re here. Take a breath. Breathe with the part of you that knows peace is your birthright. That part who claims the miracle of life that’s yours – right now. Where does she live in your body? . Welcome it. .

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