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There is an awakening happening on our planet right now. In the…

There is an awakening happening on our planet right now. In the face of great change and challenge, new possibilities are arising. . We are hearing the voices of women across the globe speak out their truth to reclaim their innate power and sacred responsibility. We are looking more closely at our environment and our connection to nature, so often fractured by the modern world. We are hearing the whispers of a new way weaving through our bodies. Many of us are feeling them as the fire and ache of chronic pain, fatigue, burnout and other health challenges burn through us, initiating us, calling us into a deeper intimacy with ourselves and with Life. . Now more than ever is the time for us to embrace these whispers and initiations. We are needed, and the time is ripe for the feminine to rise. For women to claim their true power, feminine wisdom and gifts. . And we don’t have to do this alone. It is key that we gather with other women, to explore what becomes possible through the gateway of conscious sisterhood. To sit together in circle, as women have done for thousands of years, to support each other through these tumultuous times and to call each other home. . That’s why I’m honoured to invite you to a special feminine wisdom gathering. I am part of The Women’s Wellness Council ~ a free four-day interview series from the 20th – 23rd May featuring inspiring and catalytic conversations with fourteen pioneers of healing and feminine awakening, to support and inspire women on a healing path. . You will learn about…. ~ how to harness the miraculous power of community in healing ~ how to connect to your innate power to heal physically and emotionally ~ how to develop a deep trust in your body’s intelligence and your own feminine wisdom ~ how to navigate the rollercoaster of emotions that come with life and chronic illness ~ the art of nourishing our sacred self and connecting with our Inner Flame … and much more. . 20th-23rd May 2019 . To sign up: go to @thewomenswellnesscircle and click link in their bio. It’s absolutely free to attend. . #womenswellness #wellbeing #somatichealings #somaticsoulcoach #somatics #somaticliving #ifttt

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