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The dawn is nigh, my friends. The dawn is nigh 😌😁. Maybe you’re…

The dawn is nigh, my friends. The dawn is nigh 😌😁. Maybe you’re experiencing the deliciousness of that – maybe you’re struggling. If you’re the latter, this post is particularly for you. Shake it up, shake it out! Let life be messy, let structures rise, fall, crumble and compost. Rebirth is happening all around. Can you feel it? You’re a part of it. Trust. I love you. . It’s been prophesied – for millennia – that a mass raising of consciousness would arise at this time on Earth. . You are part of that. . It’s time for mass change on the planet. We know this. The structures of the world, as we have known it, are breaking down around us and . Simultaneously . Our minds and bodies are undergoing profound transformation from the inside out. We have to. For wellbeing. For the Earth. For our children. . You can do this. You’ve got this. . It’s . All . Okay. . It is, in fact . Glorious. . Any challenge you’re experiencing in your life right now – it’s the clear out, the re-shuffle. It’s okay. . Celebrate, lovely one. You’re on your way and the DAWN is just around the corner. In a sense, it’s here already. Linear time is no fact, my friend. And life is so beautiful – breathing and being – connecting and sitting – eating and laughing, dancing. Heart beating, pulse pulsing, eyes seeing. Light and dark and water and wood, trees and wind and cats. Of course. Pussy cats. Always pussy cats. We’re just clearing way for more of this. And you are a glorious, integral, magical part of this. . Thank you. . I love you. Ellie x . #lightworker #shadowwork #5R #joy #dance #globalawakening #globaltransformation #iloveyou #alliswell #transformationalcoach #somaticsoulcoach #selflove #xr #extinctionrebellion #acim #wellnesscoach #dance #chaos #lovegeneration #yougotthis #dawn #itsalwaysdarkestbeforethedawn tbeforethedawn #ifttt #mentalhealth #yesyoucan (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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