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Speaking the truth may be scary but it’s…

Speaking the truth may be scary but it’s also . AWESOME . AAWESOME . AAAWESOME . Makes my energy flow like gold chocolate lava through the portals of the universe and it’s . Mmmmmmmm . Mouth releasing, throat clearing, play inducing awesomeness. . And here’s what Truth says through me today . LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE EASY . Yup . Yup yup yup . It’s supposed to feel good. Your emotions are your guidance system. You wouldn’t put your hand in a fire and leave it there because it HURTS. Equally – we’re not supposed to do things that feel poop emotionally, either . Emotions are golden . They’re the river of your inner vitality . LISTEN TO THEM . Go with your flow angel. What feels good to you? Genuinely good. Not ‘people will like me if I… ‘ good or ‘how great my CV will be when I’ve… ‘ good… NOPE . Good . In . Your . Insides . Like amazing sex, beautiful food or a wondrous hug . This . Is . How life’s supposed to feel. . And if you don’t know how your insides feel, sweet one… ? Meditate. I invite you to meditate. Ahhh. Put your beautiful bottom on a chair, get comfy and bring your attention to the movement in your body as it breathes. And when the mind wanders (congratulations for noticing) bring it back to the movements in your body as it breathes. #repeat #simples #selflove #abrahamhicks #loa #beautifullife #easefullife #joy #emotionalguidancesystem #health #vitality #energyelliepaskell #lettinggo #play #music #singing #guitar . Song by the wondrous @indiaarie . #ifttt (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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