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Playing with energy 💥🌳🌊🙌 How do you experience your energy body,…

Playing with energy 💥🌳🌊🙌 How do you experience your energy body, honey? If you’d asked me that ten years ago – I mostly would have said “WTF?!” Pardon my french. But I hadnt felt it back then. I didn’t know. Well – I had felt the migraines and tooth aches. Ie – I’d felt the blockages in my energy… but seeing how emotions are energy… that they are the waves of the energy body… which eventually form the ‘physical’ body… back then, this would have been news to me. . Now – ten years and a glorious (and bumpy!) energetic awakening later – and my energy body is Pow-ing! Saying ‘helloooooo! I’m here!’ And ‘ahh the city is a harsh place for an energetic awakening’ and ‘mmmmmm treeeeees yes please 🙂 . My chakra points are as obvious and visceral in my experience as the nose on my face. . It started with fatigue. Lots of it. Block and shut down and meuggvvvhhftzzzz!!! I hated it. I felt lost. My body was doing things I didn’t understand. But she was GUIDING ME. To a new way of being. To being a new being. One with boundaries and integrity – one connected to pleasure and magic and the truth in my soul (and gut!). . Maybe you’re living with chronic illness and sense – or KNOW – your energy body has something to say. Maybe you’re in a Kundalini awakening or have had your awareness opened by becoming a mother. . What’s up for you, when it comes to your body and your energy body and how they dance together? . I’d love to know. . Ellie x x .

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