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🧡🌳Open to life changing surrender and peace. Sign up link in…

🧡🌳Open to life changing surrender and peace. Sign up link in bio🌳🧡 . Hello lovely, Self Love Sundays goes live this Sunday and I can’t want to see you. . This month’s session is on the life-evolving topic of: Acceptance and Surrender . To access a state of acceptance and surrender – even for a breath of a moment, is a wild act of self love and opens you up to receive magic. . You don’t need to push, my love. Not anymore. They lied. Striving and grinding – it’s not the answer. . The answer is much more delicious; all about flow. All about exactly what this-soft-animal-of-a-body you’ve popped into existence in, is about. . Ease, allowing, peace. . You’re a part of something enormous. The vast, unfathomable arms of the universe cradle you each moment you’re alive. Let go the oars. . Open to the notion that you’re perfect as you are. . That you don’t need to change or resist. That anything you wish were different will evolve with ease… . Just as one wave evolves to become another in the sea… . When you surrender and allow. . Allow you. Allow your flow. Your emotions. Your pain and pleasure. Allow the world to be as it is. To flow and be gritty and mucky, irritating and . In . That . Allowing . The grind dissolves and you’re left with . You. . This. . Moment. . of . Life. . Perfection. . The breath of air on your skin. . The PO wer of sky above. . This sparkling second of being. This gift you receive and are for everyone else. . No need to try to be spectacular. . Accept that you are. . Surrender to what is. . And all is well. . We’ll gather: 26th January, 3:45pm UK Time / 10:45am EST / 7:45am Pacific . If you’ve not yet signed up, simply click the link in my Insta bio to gain access without charge🌲🎁💛or go to . #selflovesundays #selflove #selfkindness #peace #wellbeing #wellness #joy #play #meditation #somaticlifecoaching #somaticsoulcoach #webinar #alliswell #youarebeautiful #hereandnow #letgo #ifttt #lifecoaching #guidedmeditation #onlinemeditation #mindfulness #wellbeingevent #wellnessevent #eventplanner #womenswellness #healing #wellness #healingchronicillness #ifttt

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