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Oooh it’s time. Time for you to let your body be your compass,…

Oooh it’s time. Time for you to let your body be your compass, my love. When you do – anything can happen. All is well when you’re connected in. No matter what wildness is happening in the world. . If you’ve not yet registered for my life changing, free embodiment retreat – go to the link in my bio or  and you can still access all the somatic sessions that aired today. . The retreat is: . Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire; .

an event during which you’ll enter another realm to hear your felt sense guidance, honour your truth and channel it into the world. Dance, rest, play, fly as 30+ world renowned artists and space holders support you (including Alexandra and Sjanie of the Red School, @tashablank , Susannah Darling Khan co-creator of #movementmedicine , @bernadette_pleasant creator of @livefemme , @jamyeprice @aylaschafer @crystalcadencela , @kadidjayansane @sensualalchemistress @sacredancestry , @aninrosemusic @amimicasinclair @francesgoodall creatress of @thewomenswellnesscircle @anaiya.sophia , @brianna.wunderlin , @dteapriestess @verdarluz @wearesacredplanet @seerandscientist , @aurora.farber , @lainielovedalby @lynnmarielumiere @jewelsatearthheart and @danaregan – founder of @somaticsoulcoach @worthyandwell @maryastark @freyjainanna).


There’ll be guided somatic practice, music, story, performance and discussion. Be wound in a realm of delight as you tune in and let go. The retreat runs November 15th-19th and fits around your schedule.

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