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On March 18th, as we say goodbye to winter and hello to Spring,…

On March 18th, as we say goodbye to winter and hello to Spring, I’ll be hosting another Mindfulness for Wellbeing afternoon retreat. . 1:30 – 4:30 pm at Creative Calm Yoga Stidios in Prestwich, Manchester. . The last session was so beautiful – I was struck by the wisdom and heart sharing that cake from participants. Days like this remind me why I’m here on Earth. And you’re most welcome to come along to this, next one. . Perhaps you’d like new tools for dealing with stress, or to take a day to focus on your wellbeing. Mindfulness practices are ancient, powerful tools we can use to help us improve our lives. Whether we’d like relief from illness or are simply looking for a little more peace and joy in life, mindfulness can help. . During the retreat, we’ll take time to practice mindfulness in a relaxed environment and if you’d like to take mindfulness into your daily life, the afternoon will give you the tools to do that too. . Warmth and light to you, dear one. Go gently x. . #mindfulnessretreat #mindfulnessafternoon #mindfulness #manchester #mindful-living #mindfulnessteacher #meditationcoach #selfcare #slowingdown #beddingin #wellness #selfcare #selfcaremanchester #selflovemanchester #gogently #wellbeingmanchester #wellbeing #wellness #peaceofmind #mentalhealth #ifttt (at Creative Calm Yoga Studio)

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