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Mindfulness of tribe. . Here’s a shot I took (while basking in…

Mindfulness of tribe. . Here’s a shot I took (while basking in joy) of my sister’s soul sisters in New York City. Such bright, honest, wise women; I was honoured to sit with them. . Meditation has helped me find my tribe. Those I can be heart-shakingly, core-plantingly myself with. . And how? . Because it shows me how I feel. . Knowing who it feels good to hang with may sound obvious but I’ve spent much time with people who didn’t light me up. And why? I didn’t notice that they didn’t. So used, was I, to being in my head and rationalising what was ‘time well spent’ while ignoring how things actually felt. I’d rationalise why a person was good for me; ‘a good contact; an old friend.’ Bla bla blaa. . Life is short and beautiful and supposed to feel good. . When I meditate I see the true me. I see what’s awkward and raging and all the light, dark, fluctuating feelings. . No getting away from that now. And so I know who lights me up – who sees the beauty in me and who I become a flying version of myself with. I feel how it feels when people can’t hear me, and so have choice. The choice to say ‘thanks but no thanks’ to those who don’t get it. And, then, run off to sit in circle with those who do 😃. . #mindfulliving #beauty #alive #love #tribe #joy #expansion #truth #heartconnection #soulsisters #newyorkcity #shotoniphone7plus #friends #gratitude #appreciation #city #citywalk #mindfulness #ifttt (at SoHo, Manhattan)

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