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Mindfulness of being myself. . Following on from my ‘mindfulness…

Mindfulness of being myself. . Following on from my ‘mindfulness of tribe’ post… I’ve felt guided to commit to 60 days of Instagram live videos. Videos in which I’ll say how I feel. . This feels revolutionary because I reckon my truth’s gonner come out in that time, no mater how much my ego wants to hide the ‘negative’ bits. . Whatever they may look like. . I’ve had breakthroughs, recently, when I’ve been more truthfully who I am (when with others) than ever before and it’s felt aweeeesome. I’ve also had times where my mouths felt locked up… I want to say what I really mean and don’t know how. . Bleugh. . And I’m over it. . I reckon this 60 day project will help with that. One way or another. . My being ‘whole’; no longer hiding parts of me is the path to growing my wellbeing. This. Much. I. Know. . Whoop. . So here goes. . #truth #light #dark #mindfulnessoftruth #wholeness #shadowself #lovingallofme #allowing #flow #allemotions #wellbeing #minfdulofme #lettingitout #lightworker #spiritjunkie (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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