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#manifestation #joy #flow #scrunchiness ! . When I saw this post…

#manifestation #joy #flow #scrunchiness ! . When I saw this post by the wondrous @gemmaewriter I squealed in delight. “Gah!!!!!” wriggled my inner playful-mouse “this is awesome! For years I’ve been dreaming of writing and speaking and coaching and sharing the . Jewels . Of . Wisdom . That’ve been whispered to me by heart and soul and womb and soma. . And now – these things – are happening :-D. Look! People are hearing what I’ve said and finding use in it!“ . It’s easy to glaze over small, even big milestones of ‘wow it’s actually happening’ and succumb to the ‘yes but what’s next?!’ trains of thought. So in this moment . I . Breathe . And appreciate the miracles manifesting all around. And invite you to do the same. . You are a miracle, sweet one. Your beating heart and breathing lungs. Your thinking mind and dreaming soul. Have faith. In you. In life. The universe has your back. . I will also add that – as these things I’ve imagined are manifesting – as I celebrate the visioning and dreaming, the ‘taking action in alignment’ and ‘positive thinking’ I’ve done – it’s important to note that there’s been a fair bit of doubt and ‘bleeeeeugh’ at times, too. NOTHING NEEDS TO BE DONE PERFECTLY, ever. Nor can it be. You are exactly where you need to be. Doing awesomely. Right now. All is well. . #andbreathe #manifesting #theuniversehasyourback #acim #youaresafe #celebrateyou #congratulations #feelgood #flow #alignmemt #abrahamhicks #spiritjunkie #awakenedwoman #somaticsoulcoach #ifttt (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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