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Link in bio, angel. I can’t wait to meet you. . Sign up to…

Link in bio, angel. I can’t wait to meet you. . Sign up to attend: link in bio or go to . I see you flying, sweet one Flying and dancing with the knowing of your own worth. . This feeling of worthiness – this is self love; where it comes from, what it’s made of, what you’re here for. Self love is the true beat of your drum; that which brings health, joy, nourishment and every other thing you’re wanting. . And you’ve been criticising yourself, my love. You have gone back and forth between this body image and that; this relationship and that; jobs; exams and striving for things your mind says you ‘must achieve’. And you have noticed, underlying it all, the harsh tone with which you address yourself.

But Also

An inner whispering that knows no criticism is necessary.

It is time to step into a pocket of kindness; To join your internal magic with its knowing that you



You yearn to live from this place; knowing you deserve reverence, gentleness, soothing and celebrating. Perhaps you’ve forgotten to do this for some time now – perhaps you need supporting in remembering how. Come – we’ll work through this together. Link in bio. . *** *** . #selflovesundays #selflove #emotions #trasformationalcoaching #embodiedlife #transformationallifecoach #selfkindness #peace #wellbeing #wellness #joy #ifttt #meditation #somaticlifecoaching #somaticsoulcoach #webinar #alliswell #

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