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#itstreetime #treelovin . I walked, yesterday, around a stunning…

#itstreetime #treelovin . I walked, yesterday, around a stunning grove of trees. Old, twisted, spiralling beauties that reminded me how fleeting life is and that it’s a blessing for my heart to breathe into . Every . Moment. . (One at a time). . Mmmmmmm. . My head can worry about ten minutes/days/hours from now (as is its habit) (bless it) or I can breathe, re-boot and come into the Now. Mmmmm. So there I was. Cherishing these standing green giants with curls and furls and rough bits that made me want to dance in the rain. To rub and shrug by back against the bark-y old skin like a wood jigging bear. . Maybe next time I’ll do the wood jigging bear dance. . Actually – here’s me doing it now as I type 🐻 💃 🌳… 😃 . And for now, in this moment, I’ll say . Weeeeeeeeeeee I’m aliiiiive!!! And there’s trees and sky and ancestors and friends and squirrels and birds and feet and shoes and berries and tea. . Come dance with me, angel. Breathe into this moment, think of something you appreciate. Let the magic come to you. . Prrrrr. . #thepowerofnow #treesisters #trees #woodland #rewilding #hereandnow #mindfulnesscoach #yesyoucan #miracles #alliswell #presence #peace #mindfulnesscoach #mindfulness #meditationonnature (at Sale, Cheshire)

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