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It is my sparkling #intention to create film from an environment…

It is my sparkling #intention to create film from an environment filled with #love #nurturing #care and #mindfulness.

What will this look like? Who knooows!🙃🌳🙃 Well, no, I do know how it looks at the moment. Or, rather, last week while filming ‘Emoticon’ (video to follow). Which is to say that it was about staying as mindful as possible and holding space that was nurturing. So there was the time I stepped out to find a tree to chill with… and the moment I popped away to get still and notice what was going on inside of me. Which was… kinda vital since the script required I be totes’ in touch with my emotions… which was no mean feat considering that, between takes, I was pausing to discuss the set and lights and what have you (#andbreathe).

Thank Goodness for meditation. For having the capacity to notice – however uncomfortable (or pleasurable) it may be – what I’m feeling and to






The mindfulness; the moments spent touching in with my human-ness meant I returned to set (more) refreshed and ready to create from a place of truth.

And truth, sweet ones, I where health and awesomeness grow from.

Then there were the moments I tried to feed Joshua Wilkinson and David Hall (my wondrous collaborators from @modifyproductions)… (‘u hungry?’) (‘no?’… ‘you sure?’) (‘like a biscuit?’) (‘want some toast’) (‘an apple?’)… maybe next time I let that go… a bit. Turns out no one needed a multi course meal. This time (!).

When I’m big as Scorsese, I’ll put rest pods and nap rooms, masseurs and yummy food all about… and for now I go one day, one step at a time and hold my knowing that whatever I do, I want to do it with compassion. That no matter what we’re doing, we’re human while doing it. And I’m ooovereerrr putting needs aside to ‘get a job done’. All jobs are done better when we’re well and happy and cared for #fact.


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