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I took a walk in the woods today; with my joy and fear; my…

I took a walk in the woods today; with my joy and fear; my celebration and sadness. Feeling myself, amidst the fresh green beauty and, at once, enveloped by a world at odds with itself.

Life is so beautiful, so magical and, sometimes, we can feel lost.

And I’m so grateful that I had the courage to let go, trust, and learn to follow the guidance in my body ten years ago. Now, after two months of much business and creativity, it felt wonderful to put my hands on the earth and tune into the knowing in my gut; which is that it’s time to breathe. Time to look inward. Time to sync up again, Radically, with the rhythms on my inside. This is how I’ll navigate the next three months and I’m so happy that, simultaneously, I’ll be guiding a small group of women to do the same.

My deep, visceral journey with my body’s loving voice has made me the guide I am today; one who’s here to support you to honour yourself; to trust the flow of your felt sense. Especially when it’s time for change, especially when you’re ready to spread your wings and be who you really are. Especially when you’re ready for a life that feels like nothing less than love.

Your body is loving, your body is wise, your body is wired to the knowing of All That Is and, when you follow her, you align with source and create the life you deeply desire.

If you’re ready to scrap the shame of sensitivity, dance to the beat of your bones and fly your unbound delight, then I have a very special invitation for you. You are invited into:

Your Body, Your Truth, No Apology! A three month, personalised program for women. -With community -With support -With magic

This is a heart crafted, experiential immersion which includes:

Personalised Support ~8 live sessions via Zoom (with replays) ~Access to private community group for sharing and support between sessions ~Individual attention and care ~Private online course portal for resources and replays

To learn more and register go to the course link in my insta bio or to

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