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I saw this while in the midst of anxiety on Friday, having…

I saw this while in the midst of anxiety on Friday, having travelled from the countryside to NYC. Moving through the streets, my mind was full of “whaaaaaaaat??!!!” as it processed the bangs and louds of the city.

There were hundreds (and thousands) of feet and beeps and faces and, when I entered the apartment and saw the sign (pictured), I had a moment of ‘pheeeeeeeew’.

Nourished by the reminder in its words, I sat… breathed… meditated. Shining warmth onto the shamed part of me; asking her what she needed, finding my centre and telling myself I was loved.

Because here’s the thing – stress and anxiety are challenging – but it’s the shame (about the anxiety) which throws me.

And the point is: I am worthy of love always. In anxiety and in strength. Anxiety is, in fact, a powerful state when I see it with an open gaze and kind curiosity.

And so I was still. Breathing and grounding; beginning to remember it’s okay to feel what I feel.

The mind can shame me for anxiety and I can love the shaming thoughts too. Compassionate attention goes one step wider than anything I experience and holds everything in kindness.

And then (then guys) I went out into the city and had a beautiful weekend. With friends, family and play.

Compassionate mindfulness man – ahhhhhh – it’s soul soothing, life changing awesomeness.

If you have anxiety and are seeking tools to help, I invite you to practice grounding. Bring your attention to your feet. Notice sensations there; how your socks feel on your skin or the solidity of the ground beneath. Simply notice those things, sweet one. And when the mind wanders, gently bring it back to noticing. Is there a sense of temperature there? A pulsing? Numbness? And when the mind wanders (and it will) bringing it back to feeling the feet and the ground beneath. Letting the emotions and thoughts be just as they are, and gently bringing attention to your feet. On the ground. At this time.

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