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I saw this page at writer’s group when, sitting amongst…

I saw this page at writer’s group when, sitting amongst pens and papers, teas and cookies, @gemmaereed whipped out this little beauty. Quickly (pages flicking) (eyes gliding) I spied these words and mmmmmmm, remembered that what they say is so (very) true. . Do you know how awesome you are, sweet one? Can you remember if you pause for just a second and feel your breath? Notice the air on your silky, sensitive skin? Remember you’re alive? . It’s easy to forget; amongst fears and worries, works and rests, people and plans I can lose touch with What. I. Am. Which is 100% awesome humanness. A 100% awesome woman who’s flesh and bone, brain and spirit; breath and life and stardust. Lots and lots of stardust. It’s what we’re made of after all. Yup. Totes. No joke. . This pic is a page from ‘The Princess Saves Herself In This One’ by @amandalovelace #wondrous. . #writersofinstagram #wordlover #penuser #writer #reader #delighter #lifelover #artist #stardust #magicalyou #insprationalquotes #indigo #lightworker #spiritjunkie #magicalme (at Ziferblat Edge St)

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