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I’m falling into radical self love and gentleness as I…

I’m falling into radical self love and gentleness as I acknowledge that I need space. . #andbreathe. . My ‘30 Days of Red’ truth quest – my plan to come on here live each day and share the parts of me my ego says are unacceptable – it isn’t going like I thought. Of course. (Can you hear the universe laughing?). 😂 . I thought it would be all fire and brimstone. I’m reminded – however – that one of the main tools I flow with, nourish myself with is . Gentleness. . The art of allowing. . Allowing What Is to be. . This is where transformation happens. And peace. And joy and pretty much everything I desire. . And so, in this moment, I offer myself up to the wisdom of kindness and flow. . My flow. . Crafted from body and soul. . And invite you to do the same. What does your true flow looks and feel like? Do you have a sense of what I mean? . And so, this moment, I exhale, notice my glow and step into service of this magical path. . My ‘30 Day’s of Red’ truth quest is – for today – ‘Red’ in the sense of love. . I will be doing my 30 days at the pace that suits me. Truly. Cellularly. Listening to the guidance in my essence and coming on here when I feel like it. . I’ll be coming on here, live, 30 times at my own pace. Who knows how many weeks or months that takes. Not that it matters. Peace happens in divine timing. . I didn’t want you to see this part of me. The one who takes breaks and listens to my body as deeply as this. Though – simultaneously – I do want you to see her. All of her. All of me. . So, what I thought this quest would be about… is happening. Actually, absolutely. Just not as I envisioned it. Of course. . #grin #magic #flow #miracles #safeandwell #alliswell #beautifulme #beautifulyou #lifeisbeautiful #allemotionswelcome #integrity #strength #bodymagic #bodywisdom #somatic #somaticlifecoaching #rewilding #selfcare #radicalgentleness #gentle #flow #woman #allowinglifetoflow #allowing #slowdown #ifttt (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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