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I’m delighted to invite you to take a body rooting, soul freeing…

I’m delighted to invite you to take a body rooting, soul freeing journey with me!

The thing about your soma is that, while she’s deeply wise and wired to the knowing of the cosmos, it’s likely you’ve come to undervalue or feel ashamed of her. After thousands of years of patriarchal society, the voice of the Divine Feminine, as spoken through our bodies and bones has been sidelined at best, obliterated at worst.

But this is where it ends. It’s time for you to fall back in love with your felt sense; to honour your intuition, and trust your knowings in a whole new way.

If this is resonating for you, Dear One; if you’d like to take three months, journeying with me and a small group of other women to:

~Honour your body and learn her language & ~Trust your instincts and harness your guts

Then you are invited into:

Your Body, Your Truth, No Apology! A three month path With community With support With magic

Enrolment ends 12th April! We will begin with our first live session on April 27th – and to learn more and claim your spot go to the course link in my insta bio or to

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