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I actually discovered the Women’s Wellness Circle during their…

I actually discovered the Women’s Wellness Circle during their first council, three years ago. I was in the midst of my energetic awakening – and was like ‘whoa! There’s a whole world of women out there having similar experiences to me! Who knew?!’ Suddenly, my image of myself as a tiny, isolated individual, having this bodily evolution (which manifested with symptoms that could be categorised as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Fatigue) SHIFTED. . I knew – in my gut – I was part of a MOVEMENT. A band of humans, awakening at this time. Awakening to new ways of being so that we can craft the world we truly wanted to live in. A movement of humans – reawakening to the FELT SENSE so that we create a world that feels as we WANT life to feel. A life in which our souls, wombs and children are free to DANCE. Yesssssss. . Discovering the Women’s Wellness Council – and all of the above – was a huge step in me committing to following my internal guidance. Which told me how amazing I was; that I wasn’t broken but EVOLVING and – in order to nourish the evolution and reclaim even more of my health – I needed to revere my body. I needed to follow the GUIDANCE in my ‘symptoms’ and let my body and life continue to evolve around this. This is and has been a magical journey. Not one that fits into any mould I’d seen or read about – but one unique to and perfect for me. And I was emboldened to harness this knowing – even more – by attending the Women’s Wellness Council. I invite you to give yourself this same gift. . 20th-23rd May 2019 . To sign up: go to @thewomenswellnesscircle and click link in their bio. It’s absolutely free to attend. . #womenswellness #wellbeing #somatichealings #somaticsoulcoach #somatics #somaticliving #healing #wellness #thebodyspeaks #reverenceforthebody #somaticreverence #healing #alliswell #welcominganger #selfforgiveness #selflove #trustingtheuniverse #spiritjunkie #ifttt #radicalwellbeing #trustinghealing #trustingthebody #mindfulness #elliepaskell #bodypositive #ifttt

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