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How do you hold your anger, my love? Where is it? Can you let it…

How do you hold your anger, my love? Where is it? Can you let it flow? Do you know you’re a good person even when you feel angry? . Anger – what does the word mean to you? Do you fear it in others? How about yourself? What do you feel about that inner fire, angel? . Here’s the thing; when it comes to self love – opening to the angry parts of you is crucial. Why? Because they exist. Because they hold your vitality and fire. Because pushing them away is detrimental for your emotional, energetic and physical wellbeing. . This month’s Self Love Sundays webinar (with me!) (and special guest @healingforshe ) is on the topic of ‘Sacred Rage’.. . Let THOSE words land. How do they feel? . Sign up to attend by clicking the link in my insta bio or going to . It will change. Your. Life. . Allowing and welcoming anger. Why? Because learning to feel and forgive your anger (and DANCE with it) is MAGIC for your life. . And you want magic. That’s why you’re here. For something new. Extra colour to be breathed into your life. You want to step through that gateway to your soul – with your soul – holding her/his hand so that long-lost fractures of you return Home. . And guess what – some of those fractures are made of anger.

It’s okay.

It’s human.

Part of your rainbow.

from Tumblr via IFTTT


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