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Hello wonderful ones – I shall be leading two mindfulness…

Hello wonderful ones – I shall be leading two mindfulness sessions in the centre of Manchester; one this coming Friday, 17th August and one on Friday September 7th and you’re invited. . 😎 . This is happening as part of the beautiful ‘Feelgood Fridays’ initiative, in conjunction with the Bee in the City fun. . It’s free to attend and you’re most welcome. . Sessions will happen at Dukes 92 in the Brindley Room, 18 – 25 Castle St, Manchester M3 4LZ, 12pm for 30 minutes. . No need to book, just come along in good time and take half an hour for your wellbeing. We’ll chill down, get quiet and practice some simple mindfulness practices. I’ll guide you through every step. Everyone from beginners to seasoned meditators welcome. . . #beeinthecity #manchester #mindfulness #mentalhealth #wellbeing #wellness #selfcare #peace #calm #meditation #mindfulnesscoach #mindfulnessmanchester #manchestergram #wellness #ifttt (at Dukes 92)

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