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Hello beautifuls. I’m back from a trip to various UK spiritual…

Hello beautifuls. I’m back from a trip to various UK spiritual power points. Landing here now, home again… . And it’s lovely to say hello. How are you? Are you aware that you’re wonderful? Remembering you’re star-formed and pumping with the miraculous? . (Grin). . So I’ve been to the stone circle at Avebury… to the wild wells of Glastonbury; to the peaks and sheeps of England. Walking my strong, wobbly, wide-eyed path… and am, now, offering gratitude for the magic that went down… . And the vulnerability that came up; which is still coming up. . At this time, I’m called to reveal my vulnerability to others; over and over. To shed layer after layer so that I’m authentic and releasing ‘that feeling’ of being…. (mughftzzzzp) held back. The feeling my breath’s half clasped ‘cos I’m hiding things… so others will accept me. . And I can’t do it anymore. Makes me want to shake and run, neck-circle to release the thought that I’m lacking something. Hiding bits of me goes against the deep wild, wind-blown knowing that I’m miraculous, wondrous exactly as I am. Always. . So – as these layers fall away – it feels like all the things that make me ‘not enough’ are right here, right ‘out there’ for all to see . (and breathe). . And I’m manifesting this because it’s time for me to step into greater rooted-ness and power. Because true strength and nourishing leadership comes humans who allow their complete selves To Be. It can be no other way. . So here’s my shadow, guys. Blinking and stretching, coming into the light. She’s not bad, she’s beautiful. Angry, ecstatic and sad, vibrant, alive, filled with power and passion… all those bits my ego says ‘aren’t to be seen’. Sexuality, fire, volume, silence…; anything that didn’t fit into the mould of ‘good girl’ or ‘popular one’; anything too wild to be ‘right’. . This is scary. . But I’m OVER HOLDING MYSELF IN. . What my soul, heart and body crave is . FREEEEEEDOOOM . FREEEEEDDDOOOOOOOOOM . There I am dancing in moonlit flames. Waves crashing through my veins; rivers of joy, vitality and power flooding with . Deeeeeeeep Breeeeaths . Wanner join? 😉 . #ifttt #avebury #stonecircle #ancients #powerpoint #spiritualspot (at Avebury Stones)

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