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Hello beautiful – today I’m introducing the incredible band of…

Hello beautiful – today I’m introducing the incredible band of beings that are holding space and making music for you in the Radically Embodied You, extraordinary online retreat.

This event has been crafted by my heart for your soul and you can claim your spot in it (free!) by clicking the link in my insta bio or going to:

When I look at the faces in this post, my heart swells with joy and excitement. Together, we’ve created something deeply powerful. There’s globally renowned coaches and guides, somatic revolutionaries and award winning artists, bringing:

~Embodiment practices ~Music ~Art exhibitions ~Conscious dance ~Performance ~Spoken word

Experience all of this and more when you take your place at my:

The Radically Embodied You Extraordinary Online Retreat 21-25th March 2022 (Fits around your schedule) FREE!

As you journey through this retreat, you’ll unearth unique, vibrant pieces of yourself. Pieces that, perhaps, have been shunned in the past for being ‘inadequate’ or ‘unacceptable’. And, as you unearth them, you’ll be supported to welcome them home and embody your truth like never before.

In order to fit in with fear based society, it’s become normal for us to contort our beings and block our emotions. Impulses, desires and inner knowings have been locked away for lifetimes. But the time for this is done! In order to create a world that feels like love we must, first, align with the loving flow inside.

Who is the one you won’t allow yourself to be? Let them out!

The space holders and artists in The Radically Embodied You online retreat will suooort you to do that with ease, fun and joy.

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