Hello beautiful, I’m opening a portal to rest, relief, magic and…

Hello beautiful, I’m opening a portal to rest, relief, magic and fire today and you’re invited to step through with me.

This is my Self Love Sundays session in which we’ll open to the topic “Dancing with Uncertainty”. During our 75 minutes together, I’ll support you to presence with uncertainty in an embodied and miraculous way. Find soothing, relief and vision when we journey together.

Whether you’re sitting with ‘ahh I don’t know how I’ll pay my rent’; ‘eeeshk what is going ON in the world?!’ or ‘I’m roll on’ with wonder at what’s transforming in the world!’ then this session is for you.

Within it you’ll be supported to:

~Be present with your experience of uncertainty, with deep kindness ~Journey, somatically, with the feelings of being out of control ~Discover the magic within these ~Find your centre and stability ~Receive soothing, rejuvenating guidance ~Open to clarity and effervescent trust

This is my monthly Self Love Sundays session and, if you’ve not yet registered for these, you can do so for free (!) by clicking the link in my Insta bio or going to www.elliepaskell.com/selflove .

This Sunday’s session: 3:45pm Uk time, 10:45am NYC time 7:45 am LA – and there’s a replay. www.elliepaskell.com/selflove .

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