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Have you ever had a goddess make contact with you? . I…

Have you ever had a goddess make contact with you? . I have. . Most recently it’s Freya. First – just her name came boldly into my mind – I didn’t know why… my Googles for the significance of the name brought no clue… but next it was the words Goddess Freya glowing up at me from a magazine. . BOOM. . “Mmmmmm” sang my heart. There’s something for you here. . And so research ensued. And. How. Delicious. To feel the ways the Universe communicates with me. With such clarity; telling me it’s time to step into my power in a new way. Own my sexuality, my muscles of play, my inner voice that says SC%EW YOU to the way ‘life is supposed to be lived’. . Next it was a friend sending me a Freya oracle card… which had jumped out the deck for attention. More and more and more Freya works through the world and wakes me up to my awesomeness. . BOOM. . Freya is a Goddess who takes no s*#t. She knows what she wants and is deeply, wildly powerful. She represents unity; sexuality; loves fiercely; does as she likes and invites me to do the same. . Oh, and she travels in a chariot pulled by cats. . #justsayin . #watchthisspace (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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