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Find freedom from your inner critic, today. It’s time! I had a…

Find freedom from your inner critic, today. It’s time! I had a conversation with my awesome friend @hannileefish_themindfullawyer this afternoon. Within it, I shared about hearing my inner critic’s voice and how it feels when she speaks 😩.

I know my critic is present when my heart grips and my belly feels to be dragging in the dirt. #minging #feeling

For all my years of spiritual practice, I can’t say my inner critic has gone. What I can say is that I’ve learned to know that what she speaks is BS. I always intend to be kind to my inner critic; to acknowledge that she’s trying to take care of me, the best way she knows how. AND I always intend to remember that she speaks BULL! Any thoughts that feel like poop in your body Are Not The Truth. The TRUTH is you truly can do ANYTHING. . At this time on Earth, it’s important that you open to remembering this. It’s time for you to fly your rainbow truth and allow the rocket fuel of your soul to flow. Your awesomeness is undeniable, no matter what. The magic of the world (still, largely untapped) is present and beckoning you. Walls aren’t really solid, everything is possible and the critic in your head lies.

You’re made of the same stuff that spins the planets, tides the seas and grows mountains.










It’s time.

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