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Dragonfly magic… . It’s been all kinds-of-a-week for me,…

Dragonfly magic… . It’s been all kinds-of-a-week for me, with expansiveness, fear and delight. . Some of my most beautiful times have happened by a pond, watching (with half disbelieving awe) as glittery dragonflies flitted around leaves and (yes) lilies on the lake. . Um… did someone transport me back to Thailand for a mo? No (not physically) but this is the kind of paradise available to me, always. Always. When I let go, release and open myself to delight. Moment by moment. Because – guess what, then? – it arrives. Sound like magic? Indeed, it is. Such is life. . So there I was, feeling hum-drum when I stumped upon the pond, dropped my jaw, plonked my bum on the earth and marvelled at the world. #thankyoulife #spontaneousmeditation . Ps – can you spot the red dragonfly? . #englishcountryside #dragonfly #magicalnature #lifeisbeautiful #mindfulmoment #treasureofpleasure #hereandnow #alliswell #andbreathe #allowing #beauty (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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