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@crystalcadencela Jeralyn Glass is just one of the amazing space…

@crystalcadencela Jeralyn Glass is just one of the amazing space holders – supporting you, TODAY – in my online embodiment retreat . Sink into your BODY and be guided by your felt sense. Jeralyn’s guided journey with crystal singing bowls is soul-rootingly beautiful and I can’t wait for you to experience it. . If you haven’t yet registered for this magic (free!) – you can do so by following the link in my insta bio or going to: . The retreat is: . Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire; .

an event during which you’ll enter another realm to hear your felt sense guidance, honour your truth and channel it into the world. Dance, rest, play, fly as 30+ world renowned artists and space holders support you (including Alexandra and Sjanie of the Red School, @tashablank , Susannah Darling Khan co-creator of #movementmedicine , @bernadette_pleasant creator of @livefemme , @jamyeprice @aylaschafer @crystalcadencela , @kadidjayansane @sensualalchemistress @sacredancestry , @aninrosemusic @amimicasinclair @francesgoodall creatress of @thewomenswellnesscircle @anaiya.sophia , @brianna.wunderlin , @dteapriestess @verdarluz @wearesacredplanet @seerandscientist , @aurora.farber , @lainielovedalby @lynnmarielumiere @jewelsatearthheart and @danaregan – founder of @somaticsoulcoach @worthyandwell @maryastark @freyjainanna).


There’ll be guided somatic practice, music, story, performance and discussion. Be wound in a realm of delight as you tune in and let go. The retreat runs November 15th-19th and fits around your schedule.

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