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And in this moment I inhale and celebrate…

And in this moment I inhale and celebrate that . Anything . Is . Possible; . That I can do anything and so absobloominglute (mother f*#king-ly) can you. . We can mistake our inner critics for truth tellers and they’re not . NOT . You’re infinite, so am I. Translucent with beauty, in all states. Glorious; effervescent with miraculousness. . That vision you see and know you want and sometimes grasp at but wonder if… if…. if it’s really for you . Wonder if you’re really that glorious or able or magic. . Yes you are. . You it is. . Yes you can. . This ‘30 Days of Red’ truth quest isn’t going like I expected. Except that it’s going exactly as I anticipated. I’m coming on live and showing myself. The parts my head says are too… whatever… to be seen. And, in doing so, I’m dropping deeper into my knowing that it is in my completeness, my true power lies. . Vulnerability is strength. Truth is magic. . Aho. . #integrity #birthing #blooming #loving #evolving #truthquest #spiritjunkie #risesisterrise #alliswell #youarebeyondawesome #ifttt (at Manchester, United Kingdom)

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